A Sequel to Scarface?

A coworker said that they’re planning on doing a sequel to Scarface! It’s to be called Son of Scarface or something similar. IMHO, the only way this could be any good is if the character’s named Tony Montana Jr. and he hunts down the guys who killed his father, and when he finds one of them says, “My name is Tony Montana. You killed my father, prepare to die.”

How can that be? Having seen Scarface for the first time ever about 3 weeks ago, it seemed pretty clear to me that:

1)Michelle and Al weren’t getting it on very often, if ever.
2)Michelle’s constant use of the white stuff had done in her abilities to reproduce.
3)Al is dead.

To be honest, I didn’t think Scarface. When it was over and Scarface was face first in the water, I stood up and said, “Thank you God for finally killing this guy and ending this 3 hour long movie!”

But then again, I’ve never been much of an Al Pacino fan. He’s too FUBAR for me, I’m lean more towards Robert DeNiro.

Like rap stars will have their canon blasphemed? Not likely.

Can’t see it either. A prequel is pretty much out of the question as well.

Say hello to my leetle friend.

Hmmmm… a sequel to a popular movie that couldn’t possibly have a sequel? Did Disney buy the rights to Scarface?

I have a hard time getting worked up about making another version of something that was a remake of a classic to begin with.

A much better sequel idea: Zombie Scarface.

Even better still: Forget Al Pacino, and watch the George Raft version.

Well, I suppose that a sequal could be made. After all, wasn’t there talk of a Titanic sequal at one point? 3 hours of debris settling to the bottom of the ocean?

Raise the Titanic?

“It would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic” said Lew Grade