Sequels we are unlikely to see...

…This summer, the studios are NOT likely to announce these follow-ups to the original box-office smash.

A Few More Good Men

A Simpler Plan

The Shipping News Update

The Next Next Best Thing

My Best Friend’s Divorce



The Big Defrost

It Gets Even Gooder

Monster’s Other Ball

The Unusual Suspects

About A Man

Erin Brockovich…The Bitch Is Back!

Thanks for sharing with the group…


Mexican Beauty

The Seventh Sense

To Die Again For (zombie flick, I suppose?)

The Sum Of All Fears Plus One

Seven More Years In Tibet

The Piano Accordion

Re-Interview With The Vampire

You’ve Got Spam

Dante’s Peaked Again

Mr. Holland’s Second Opus

The Sum of Most Fears: The Stunning Prequel

Titanic: The Next Voyage

Mallrats 2: Mall of America

Still Chasing Amy

More Reindeer Games

Top Gun II: Maverick Strikes Back

Saving Private Ryan Again

The Truman Show 2: Rerun

My Big Fat Greek Divorce

A Clockwork Grapefruit

Uh oh…Ei8ht?

Rambo IV: Third Sequel, Still Crap.

Titanic II: Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean.

The X Files: Aliens Land. Again? Or For the First Time?

Lord of the Rings: Random Battle Footage

Star Trek IX: Enforced Retirement

Rocky VI: Pauli’s Revenge

It has been done. It’s called Pearlmageddon (and yes, it’s a spoof…a very funny one)

Mitchell 2

Lethal Weapon V: We’re Way Too Old For This S***

“Very, Very, Really Awfully Bad Things-- Even Worse Than the Things in the First Film”

Former SNL writer Michael O’Donoghue pitched a sequel to “Easy Rider,” and anyone who has seen the movie would know why this would be a tad difficult.

Dumb and Dumberer

Oh, wait. They really are making that. :smack:

Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Chair

Uh, I don’t know if this is the sequel you’re talking about but It was supposed to take place in the afterlife. I think that there might even have been a nuclear holocaust involved, but I don’t remember all of the details of the newspaper article I read all those years ago. I’d like to poing out that I’m putting this in a spoiler tag, even though I’ve never seen the freakin’ movie, but I know they get shot by a couple of red necks at the end.


The Deposed Emporer’s Club

Not That Far From Heaven If We Don’t Hit Traffic

Some Kind of Wondefuller

Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer, and Kim Il Jong

The Piano 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Grapes of Wrath 2: Revenge of the Grapes

Rocky 7: Below the Belt

French Kiss 2: Rounding Second Base

Apocalypse Now and Later

The Bride of the Bride of Frankenstein: Menage a Trois

Mr. Smith Goes to Branson


Friday the 13th: the Final Episode, Seriously, It’s Really the Last One, We Totally Mean It This Time

Hudson Hawk 2? Actually, I’d love to see that…

Thanks, Tuckerfan. I was too lazy to do the spoiler-tag thing. Yes, that is the sequel I was thinking of.

She’s Even More That