What movie would you love to see sequeled?

What are some movies you’ve seen, where you’d’ve loved to see them make a sequel? Perhaps a revisiting many years later, even…

Mine, which woud cover both of those points; The Princess Bride.
Perhaps something involving Inigo, 20-something years later, as the Dread Pirate Roberts, getting ready to hand the torch (and ship) over to the next DPR… (would of course need to be Mandy Patinkin, reprising his role as Inigo… :D)


Ummm . . .

How about “Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo”?

I think it’s “Titanic 2: Lusitania.” Rose travels back to Europe on the Lusitania, meets a young artist, yadda yadda yadda. Gold, I tell you!

The actual answer is “Buckaroo Banzai vs The World Crime League.”

The Rocketeer.

Supposedly, Goldman is working on writing a sequel to be called Buttercup’s Baby, hopefully to be finished by 2009. Wiki says that he’s having a hard time writing it, though.

Rumor has it that Tarantino has plans to make a sequel or a prequel to Kill Bill. That I would love to see.

Not a sequel. But when I was watching the movie Sneakers, I was thinking it would have been the basis for a great televison series.

The Iron Giant, no question.

I heard rumors of that as well… But it’d involve the little girl (the daughter in KB pt1) growing up to avenger her mother, and he was said to not plan on doing it for about 10 years or so in real life… Which would suck, but i’d wait to see it…

So would I. I’d be pretty irked if she ended up killing Beatrix/The Bride, but I’d still like to see it. I’ve also heard talk that Tarantino’s planning on doing an anime version (or versions) of Bill’s and/possibly or The Bride’s origin story. If it’s handled as well as O-ren’s was it’d be pretty kick-ass.

Bingo. I came in here to say exactly this. Word for word, in fact; but then there are only two words…

However, Iron Man looks sort of Rocketeer-ish, so maybe that will fulfil at least some of my longing.

I’ll second Buckaroo Banzai Vs. the World Crime League. As much as I loved The Rocketeer movie and comics, it wouldn’t feel right anymore to do a sequel now that Dave Stevens has passed on.

I was always excited by talk of The Vega Brothers, Tarantino’s long-rumored prequel to both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, starring Michael Madsen as Vic Vega and John Travolta as Vincent Vega on another funny, violent caper.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It didn’t do boffo box office but it was a great, humorous twist on the detective genre and seemed perfectly set-up for a sequel. It’s become popular on DVD, maybe they’ll consider making a sequel on day…

Bridget Jones Diary: The Baby Book

Yeah, I admit I loved the Jones movies… first one more than the second. I’d love to see what kind of trouble she’d be getting herself into if she found herself pregnant…

The Breakfast Club - maybe named “The Diners Club”? or something like that.

Better of Dead… Midlife Crisis (?)

I’d like to see another Serenity movie.

Huh. That’s a weird entry on Wikipedia there. The first chapter of Buttercup’s Baby is actually in the 25th and 30th anniversary books, but it’s played as a joke…I wonder who’s wooshing who here.

That could be almost any rom-com John Cusack has done in the last 15 years.

“Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Not a great movie, but the set decoration, costumes, and soundtrack, were all first rate. Most of the performances were good, too, although Meryl Streep was weak. I particularly liked Emily Browning’s Victorian outfits.

I’m still convinced Lloyd Dobler eventually broke up with Diane Court (or more likely, she dumped him), he went a little crazy, joined the military, trained in black ops, changed his name to Martin Blank, and became an assassin. Then he reconnected with another woman from his past, had a change of heart, got out of the business after killing his rival Grocer and attending his high school reunion, changed his name again to Rob Gordon, and opened up an independent record store in Chicago with two wacky clerks working for him.

Monster House

Crash 2: Monster Truck

Cronenberg’s version, not the other one