A seven-foot Lego model of Serenity

Link to lots more pics at the end of the article. Shiny!


Lego Wash actually does look like Alan Tudyk.

Is there an echo in here?

I was thinking “They should have made it at minifig scale”, but it turns out that it is minifig scale. Huh, Serenity is bigger than I realized.

And am I the only one who gets annoyed when curved surfaces (like the dome on top of the dining room area) are rendered in Lego by “pixellating” them? I’d much rather see those done with slanted roof pieces. Still, it looks like it was only the dome that was done that way, so it’s probably OK.


No, a reflection.


I can’t figure out which one is Lego River and which one is Lego Kaylee. I’ve narrowed it down to the last two girls, but… the minifig is not really kind to the female form.

Well, Kaylee is obviously the one on the very right end - tan vest and pants, pink sleeves. Compare with the picture here or these. Plus her hair is lighter than River’s.

River isn’t such a good likeness - you can mostly tell it’s her by the process of elimination.

Ahh, right. Been a while since I’ve watched–guess I should take the hint, eh?

Shun-sheng duh gao-wahn! Even the inside is true to the ship!

I’ll be in my bunk.

Surely there’s a minifig hair piece for long, straight hair, right? That would have helped the River fig a lot.

Yeah. She seems to have the same head as Inara. :eek:

Let me know when they build one of Severus Snape.

A seven-foot Lego model of Severus Snape? I think that’d be creepy.

You don’t like the idea of Alan Brickman?

Well, I’ve only really read the books, so my mental picture of Snape doesn’t match with Mr. Rickman. :slight_smile:

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