A side effect of legal pot?

I wonder;
If recreational pot is legalized (pleasepleaseplease) in California, are cops in other states likely to increase their finding of “probable cause” for stopping and searching cars with CA plates? Or cars returning from CA?

I wonder if California cops will be more likely to overlook violations if you offer them some killer weed?

They’ll probably forget why they stopped you in the first place, especially if you’re eating a hot dog.

For the youngsters out there and those who’s memories may be clouded.

They’ll probably just erect a big fence to prevent anyone from ever leaving California.

Or a moat. Not long ago a bunch of Arizonans (Nevadans?) sat on their side of the border with their feet on the California side and tried to push us out to sea. :stuck_out_tongue:
I swear, you fly-over people gotta just get over it!
You goin’ to jail, boy!

I always wondered who the guy reflected in the side mirror is. He’s just standing in the street behind them, watching the goings-on, and he’s not in the front shots.

I thought a side effect of legal weed would be dry mouth.

Only the Super Kapowzler knows the answers to these questions and the ramifications thereof.

SupDubKZ would pose a theory that would say:

To buy pot you need a valid CA pot buying ID/License.
This license initial cost is $100, expires monthly. It costs $20 to renew.
Any outstate violations of posession, transportation, intent to distribute would nullify the participant from being able to renew.

With technology these days, the SCMOD is no longer used.
Shit like this should be easy enough.
But that’s the K-to-the-Z speaking ex cathedra.
Word to your mother.

I can’t imagine this working well. I’d think you just create a new underground market where only a few people have this license and they make a business selling to occasional smokers who’d rather not own a license. Why not just open it up to everyone, check their driver’s license or other ID when they buy it, and run the DL # against a database of known offenders? That’d prevent the creation of an entirely new black market.

Or else you’ve whooshed me. Not sure.

One of the good reasons for legalization is to lessen the incentive for criminal involvement in the trade. Punitive fees would undercut this reason. A state driver’s license/ID card would do just fine. A reasonable tax on sales is okay with me.
Buyers in CA would be required to abide the laws of any other state they might visit.
My original post was inspired by the once popularity of speed (velocity) traps across our borders. I don’t even know if they still exist. I know such things exist within the state.

I’m not sure about anything in Super Kapowzler’s entire post! :smiley:

It won’t happen like that, at least in part because a small but significant amount of California’s legal marijuana will be sold to “cannibis tourists” who fly into California specifically to check out legal American marijuana (for many, it will be the first time in their life that they have ever been able to smoke without breaking the law, which will have it’s own appeal) and attend various concerts and music festivals that will feature a reefer-friendly atmosphere and promote a pro-toking but alcohol-free concert experience…

Welcome to California, MPB!. You’ll still need a valid proof of age.
Man, that sounds nice. No booze. You juicers have your own venues, okay? :slight_smile:

Let’s just say that my passport has a few stamps from the Netherlands…

ETA—I have also seen at least 20 assorted shows (Van Morrison, Jerry Garcia Band, Bob Dylan) at Berekley’s stunning Greek Theater over the years, one of the great outdoor concert venues in the USA

…and I really do know how to spell Berkeley correctly on occasion.

Side effect of legal pot? Rampant obesity. Doritos stock goes up 13%. Those Humboldt hippies have to shave and a haircut and get a fucking job. A lot of California weed is going to end up being the biggest export to the neighboring states.

Well, except Oregon. Our shit is better. We already have a rivalry between us and California regarding beer and wine, and now pot. I think it’s amusing that all the pot growers in northern Cali are all up in arms because their subversive hobby will become mainstream, without them doing a thing.

Is that one of the side effects of pot? Transposing letters? :stuck_out_tongue:

The main side effect of legal weed.

Regarding OP and what they will do when, for instance, Nevada Highway Patrol sees cars driving into Nevada? Nothing, unless there is cause (driving 6 MPH on the freeway, laughing and stuffing Twinkies into your mouth).
Now, it could get iffy if people start lighting up joints in casinos or walking down the street - but the laws here are somewhat liberal - with small amounts. They might issue a fine or just a warning.
Nevada likes Californians - first of all, about half the people who live here used to live in California (myself included) and they make up a good percentage of the casino visitors; thus I doubt there will be any heavy handed mistreatment of Californians unless their trunk has a few pounds of marijuana and they are hanging around grade schools…