A sigh of relief, then, "huh?" Medical info

Stomach and chest pains have been plaguing me for the last couple months. So much so that I went in and had a stress test done on my heart–ran my heart rate up to 183 beats per minute, did the whole x-ray (well, not x-rays, actually, I laid in that rotating tube-like apparatus that took photos of my heart), glad to find that the old ticker (well, not that old, 37 actually) was fine.

Then the stomach pain got worse! Oh, no, the BIG C–visions of youthful Michael Landon dying of pancreatic cancer danced in my head. Went this past Wednesday to have a CAT Scan. Went back on Friday to get the results. The longest wait in my life was as the receptionist went to retrieve my results. I read the entire report in .0000009 seconds flats. The gretest word in the English medical language besides “Negative,” is now (to me) “Unremarkable.” No cancer, all my organs were unremarkable. Final sentence indicated a “few diverticulae.” Diagnosis “Sigmoid Diverticulosis.” Hastily borrowing a medical dictionary, I discovered in essense these are tiny pouches on the colon that can trap gas/food particles and cause pain. Cause: bad diet. Lack of fiber.

Yep, I’m a notorious TV Dinner/eat on the fly kind of guy. When someone mention fiber, I think of the SNL “Colon Blow” commercials. Anyway, gotta eat better, or the diverticulosis will turn into diverticulitis.

But, it is a relief, a bottle of tums and all those yucky fruits and vegetables are better than the alternative.

Anybody familiar with this condition? More tests to come. Because it has advanced to the “pain” stage, there’s a possibility I may have to get the sections with the sacs, the thin sections of colon snipped and tied. “Rotar-rootered,” I believe it is called.

Sir Rhosis (who feared for a couple days that his SDMB name may have been ill-chosen)

Got an answer for you: flaxseed! Buy it in the natural food store or natural foods eisle at the market and then grind it up in your coffee grinder (you grind your own beans, right?) about 1 cup at a time and put about 2 tablespoonsfull on; your oatmeal, in your grapefruit juice, on your ice cream, cottage cheese, blend it into pancake mix-whatever-just have 2 tablespoons 3x/day and regularity :wink: happens. {6Tbs=1/4 cup about and appr. 25grams of fiber.}
DO NOT consume the entire1/4 cup allotment in one meal! The results are just NOT pretty.
This will increase your needed fiber intake by 1000% :smiley: if you do the take-out meal thing like you said. And you may need to add Docusate Sodium 100mg-300gm a day ;). Run this by your own doctor first!! But this will help you oh so much!
It certainly helped me :slight_smile: (within 2 days!) I could go into my complaint but it is NOT pretty and is boring.