A Sign of Idiocy

I saw a sign for a bank today. It read:

Every day is a business day? The sign clearly points out there is one day a year the bank does not consider a business day.

And the sign did not even say which day is not a business day. Is it Jebus’ birthday? New Year’s Day? Columbus Day? A random Wednesday?

You’re a bit of a nitpicker, aren’t you?

It’s the day you’re going to need to go there.

There’s a favorite restaurant where the sign says “Open year 'round.” What they neglected to say was “starting in April.”

Maybe they were closed on February 29th. :wink:

Every day – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – is a business day at that bank. This is as opposed to many places where some days – Sunday and Saturday – are not business days.


You’ve a gift for euphemism, haven’t you?

Indeed it is, but perhaps not in the way that you were envisioning it.

I work in a call-centre for a bank. The call centre is open 24/7. I work there on weekends and public holidays. Probably I have to explain the concept of a ‘business day’ about 10 times every day.
The morons say ‘Why isn’t my cheque clear?’
I reply with ‘Your cheque will be clear on the next business day.’
Moron-‘But it is not clear now.’
Me- ‘Sir, it is Saturday. Your cheque will be clear on Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday.’
Moron- ‘But your advertising says you are open 24/7.’
Me-‘Sir, the call centre is open 24/7. Today is Saturday. Your cheque will be clear on Tuesday.’
Moron-‘Are you working now?’
Me-‘Yes sir. Obviously I am working as I answered your call to the bank.’
Moron-‘Well you are working, so that means it is a business day.’
Me-’ Sir, I am working today. That does not change Saturday into a business day.’

This was a real phone call I had to deal with on Easter Saturday.

Me opening this link and expecting something even slightly interesting.

You really got to work some more frothing at the mouth in these pittings. I’m just not into it.

Wonderful idea!
I’m giving fair warning, If I call you anyone a nitpicker in another forum I really mean asshole.

Restaurants of the Joe’s Crab Shack chain generally have a sign painted permanently on the side of the building that says, “Free Crabs Tomorrow”.

Guess that’d piss off the OP as well.

Suggestion for new sign:

In Columbus, Georgia, the local auto-parts store had a huge sign painted on the windows,


"I drove up to the 24 hour convenience store one night and as I pulled up, I saw the clerk shutting off the lights and locking the door.

“Hey, the sign says ‘Open 24 hours’”, I shout.

The clerk replies, “Well, yeah, but not all in a row!”

/Steven Wright.

Look! Look! over there…its a guy with 16 items in the 15 item or less aisle…go get e’m

There used to be a video rental place here called “24 Hour Video”. They closed every night at 10.

I don’t know if I’m stupid or what, but I’m not seeing what’s wrong with this. Is it just that it’s an awkward way to say it?

When I lived in Louisiana, there was a convenience store called Jet 24 that closed at 11.

In both cases, I’m guessing that when the stores originally opened they did business all night, but it was later decided that it wasn’t profitable enough to continue that practice, so they cut back the hours, but did not spring for the considerable expense of changing the stores’ name, signs, etc.

Heh. I liked the bit about the random Wednesday.

And wouldn’t they be open 365 days every four years? Bastards lied to us again.

They’re open to the public 364 days a year. On the 365th day they count inventory. So every day they are conducting business.