A silly question for my 1000th post!!

Well, for my onethousandth post, I wanted to do something special. Instead, I’ll share a little stupid fear of mine and see what other stupid fears everyone else has.

Now, when I talk “stupid fear,” I’m not talking about silly phobias that exist out there, I’m talking about fears against something so incredibly dumb that 99.9% of your brain tells you “There’s absolutely no logical way that can happen,” and yet, there’s still that one part of you that looks out for it.

For me, it’s getting blindsided by an invisible car.

Ever since I saw that episode of Batman, the Animated Series where the guy covered his car in some fancy fabric that made it invisible, I always get the sneaking suspicion that sooner or later, it’ll happen. Usually, it’s when I’m sitting at a red light, and I see a car coming and think “I should just wait for it to go by, but I can make it.” I pull out, knowing I’m clear of the car I can see, but always weary of the invisible car that’s riding along side of it and a little out in front. I can just invision myself making the turn then WHAM!!!, next thing I know, my car’s sprawled out across the road, I’m thinking “What the Fuck was THAT?”, and suddenly, this smashed car appears attatched to mine. And of course, this guy’s not going to admit to the cops he was driving an invisible car, so no matter what I do or how many witnesses I get, I’m still going to be held liable for it, because honestly…who believes in invisible cars?

So now you know a little bit more about me (aside from the fact I obviously spend way too much time on the boards…did I mention this is my ONETHOUSANDTH post?), now it’s your turn to share your ridiculously stupid fears.