A small request

I have run into this problem before, but It just hit me again.
let me show the problem. The Peta thread is 3 pages and 123 posts long. It is 7 days old at this point. I have been reading (and posting) since it started.
Here is post #123 reading it you will see that our guest quotes featherlou and it appears that featherlou is commenting on someone else’s post. But whose?
So I read up through page 3 nothing. I am somewhat dyslexic so I read back down through page 3 to make sure I haven’t missed it. Nothing.
So I go back through page 2, again twice, to make sure I didn’t miss it. Nothing.
So I go back to page 1. The very last post on page 1 is the one I am looking for. featherlou was commenting on Contrapuntal’s posting a link to Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. Now it all makes sense.

Here is my small request, if you are quoting another poster from a previous page in a multi-page thread, could we all get in the habit of putting in the post number, or at least a page number of the post you are quoting? Especially if the post you are quoting quotes another poster.

Come on guys, my poor 15 watt brain can’t take too much of this. :wink:

(bolding mine)

Actually, for many of the members here I would say that the “habit” would not be to comment on posts so far back without indicating where they’re located. You’re making this request (and a good one at that) regarding the post of a guest with a total of 2 post. I don’t think you’d find the same behavior out of the members who have been here awhile.

Knowing so little about this guest it’s entirely possible that they didn’t even realize that the thread went on for three pages, and maybe they believed they were responding to the previous post in the thread.

That being said, I’d be happy to follow your request.

Hi BlackbirdXXX, be grateful that Rick didn’t Pit you for this, he’s a mean bugger!

Oh, I’ve done this newbie mistake- You read a thread and get to the “last” post (and don’t realize that there are lots more pages), because you’re just so gosh darn excited to reply, so your perfectly clever and apropos response is now buried deep two pages away (if you even realize it).

Yeah- I think it’s one of those mistakes you do once or twice and try not to do again.

But I agree, referencing post numbers (and having multiple embedded quotes automatically when you hit reply) would make it easier to navigate long threads.

Other vB boards that I’ve seen have a feature that provides a link to quoted posts. I don’t know whether it’s a standard vB feature that’s turned off (possibly for performance reasons) or if it’s a hack. It would be nice if we could get it, though.

The OP has a point. By the time I see some threads they have already racked up a few pages but I feel a need to respond to something on the first page. In such cases it would be nice of me to note the location of the original in case someone else wants to go back to it. I’ll try.

What really grates my gourd is the fact that the software doesn’t do nested quotes; i.e., when you use Reply to quote someone, the quotes in that post do not appear. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, sometimes it does.

Oh. And missing a “page turn” is a failing not limited to newbies. I think I did that a couple of weeks back.

-Agreed. I made that mistake as a noob and have done so since. Overall, I think the board is pretty good at being clear about a quote.

Believe me it isn’t just the FNGs that do this. Back in the Lying Whore threads V1 and V2 this happened multiple times.

BTW you can do manual nested quotes on this board, by copying the nested part (including the poster’s name) of the first post before you hit reply with qoute. Then when the reply box comes up just after the {quote} box type

[quote= and paste the text. add a ]
delete the spaces, and add a {/quote} and you get nested quotes.
Like this:
Black = vb quote function
Blue = copy / paste function of your computer
Your typing in the reply
{quote=Rick}{quote=someother poster}(delete extra spaces) Blah, blah, blah{/quote} And that’s what she said at the picnic{/quote}

I was not trying to pick on our guest. That is why I put this in ATMB not in the thread, or in the pit. It’s just that it was late, and I looked at 122 out of 123 posts before I found out what the hell he was talking about.
bigbabysweets2000 Come on, you know I don’t eat the guests for breakfast. Lunch maybe, and dinner for sure, but not breakfast. :slight_smile:

I thing they’re just using a (much) more recent version of the vB software. Later versions include a nested quote feature as well. SDMB has been very conservative in updating the software.

Pardon? I thought we were a den of left-wing thinkers!!!

Den? More like a rec room. . . .

Figured it was possible to do nested quotes by hand, even considered doing that today; but it’s a pain.