A small request

I have been readng and participating on The Straight Dope for over two years now, playing a small part in the fight abainst ignorance.

There are two events coming up that are, well, not momentous, but I’d like to mention.

  1. my 22nd Birthday, this Friday, and
  2. my 3000th post.
    Now I’m not asking a lot here, but could I get a mail from Cecil? Or even a post into this thread? Is it really too much to ask?
    And no, that “Ham and Egger” Zotti isn’t good enough. I’d like the word of God himself, to let me know I’m going in the right direction.

And, its not like its entirely unknown for it to happen, is it? After all, Aha got him to say hello to his wife!! And she never even posted!!

So, what are my chances?

I’m rootin’ for ya Twisty. I’ll just sit here on the sidelines with me pom-poms. Gooooo Twisty!

Slim to none IMO :wink:
I’m away in Belfast this wkend so no birthday drinky from me :frowning: but a night on the beer on me is in store if Cecil enters this thread. So come on Cecil get yer ass in here (pretty please with a cherry on top)

Word is bond.

Well if you do get an email or letter from Cecil, based on his track record it might be a bit…curmudgeonly… But as far as I know he has only deigned to enter a thread like this once (see sig for details).


But this is… special.

I have every confidence that Cecil Adams, perfect master will show his humanity and compassion by coming in to congratulate Twisty.

It has, after all, been a while since his last post. It really is about time.


Hmm… I don’t think it’s too much to ask, Twisty.

[sub]Note to Cecil: I recently passed the 3000 post milestone, and I didn’t even get a post party. Just something for you to consider…[/sub]


Happy Birthday, Twisty! And here’s to 3000 more!

I couldnt care if Cecil himself replied to me to flame me worse than anything seen on this board before, and to slap a restraining order on me,
the fact that he replied would make it all worth it.

Be careful what you wish for…

I sure ain’t Cecil, but Happy Birthday anyways, Twisty! May it be filled with young, nubile, extremely flexible members of whatever sex you prefer. :slight_smile:

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed… Could be the scotch, I suppose.

And happy anticipated 3000th post.

And also, thanks again for the

----:)/ x o x o x

upraised arms variation of my little spider.

I hope you have many more posts, and that Cecil Claus comes down your virtual chimney (and doesn’t put coal in your stocking) (apologies to Anthracite).

Here’s hoping, Twisty. Here’s hoping. And happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Twisty, and happy trimillennial post!

Hey, lady, I got me near 6000 posts and Cecil’s never so much as farted in my general direction! The best I ever got was an email from JillGat (now Jill Magruder) saying “Yeah, Cecil’s covered that.”:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, Twisty? My sister’s birthday is also Friday. Consider yourself in good company:)

thanks for the best wishes guys.

C’mon Cecil. Its a once off. No one else will ask, I promise.

I’ll even burn and effigy of Maria Vos Savant in your honour.

I thinkI’ll have to go on some shameless post padding to hit the 3000 by tomorrow. Somebody start a few History of Ireland threads or something :wink:

Happy Birthday Twisty!!
And happy 3k!

You can call me Cecil if you like. :wink:



Thats quite a freudian image.

Like so many others, I am not Cecil - but happy birthday/post-day anyway!

Cecil? That pompous windbag? He’ll never show. You’re stuck with us, your real friends. Congratulations on both milestones. I remember how surprised I was last year at this time when I learned you were just reaching your majority. Your writings have a maturity that belies your age.