A solicitor at 7:30 at night???

I never open the door to solicitors at any time of day…or night. I tell them no as I peek through the blinds.

But I’ve never had one this late. And even though it’s March 2, it has been dark for an hour.

She had a clipboard and an ID badge. I moved the blinds aside (I have one of those ranch style doors…nine panes in the top half) and saw her. She smiled, waved, and said, “Hey!” like we were long lost buddies.

I yelled, “No! It’s LATE” and walked away.

Like I said, I never answer the door for solicitors. I live in a rough neighborhood. I’ve had two break-ins and numerous attempts. Robbers kicking in the door aren’t the norm, but it has happened in my immediate area.

A part of me wanted to find out what organization she was from and give them a call, but, like I said…I don’t open the door for solicitors.

We get them here, but we don’t live in a rough neighborhood. I only have a peephole in my front door, so I end up opening up - if its a solicitor I tell them we are on the Do Not Call list and then close the door before they figure it out…

Um I was wondering why you would be getting a lawyer at 7:30 at night. Here they are a type of lawyer. I guess they are people who go door to door soliciting for donations etc.

Yeah, in the US a solicitor is anyone asking for donations or selling something. In my 'hood it’s almost always people canvassing for political organizations.

Could I not have been so harsh? (I was.) Yeah. But you know what? They’re on MY property, and even if I weren’t being an asshole (as I’m sure she was muttering as she walked away)…it’s dangerous for her to be walking around alone at night. I don’t know for certain she was walking alone, but if she was, it was NOT a smart thing to do.

She was upstairs when the doorbell rang. In a hurry to see who it was, she slid down the barrister.

I find you guilty, and sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you get better.