A somewhat painful reminder of what the Internet is.

It’s everything every placed there forever. In a thread from July of 2002 ( Who would you want at your dinner part, alive dead or fictitious?, I listed several real people who had died and whose deaths had greatly impacted me.

I miss them. I thought it a fine thought to bring them back to a dinner party along with the other historical notables I listed in my post.

Last night a PM was sent to me by a Doper. He was the brother of one of those people I wanted to invite until they died suddenly in the summer of 1980. He wanted to know how I knew this person and who I am. Of course I replied and we will have a conversation in the next few days either by email or phone.

My heart aches. Someone read this. Someone whose heart ached suddenly because I wrote a name that means so very much to them.

It will be bittersweet to talk to this person, but surely I owe them the kindness of sharing all I knew about their loved one. I do look forward to meeting him by word or voice and getting to know him now as an adult.

I will do well not to forget that the Internets, they don’t forget.


This seems like an entirely good thing to me. An aspect of your friend lives and is renewed in shared remembrance.

Couldn’t agree more. It is a good thing. I don’t dread the conversation- much to the contrary. I likely will fill in a few gaps and answer a few questions from 30 years ago.

Everyone deserves answers.