A song I cannot identify

OK, I have tried every other means I can think of, and hope that someone out there among the TM can either figure this out, or suggest another avenue to pursue.

First, the context. There is a CD I have that was made in the mid-90’s by the DJs at a Goth nightclub. There are three tracks, one by each DJ, and the songs in each are not individually identified in any way. One of the tracks has a song in the middle of it, and I want to know what it is (artist, title, etc.).

I have tried playing the track for multiple professional Goth/industrial DJs, and all of them say “wow, that sounds familiar”, but not one has been able to identify it. I have tried Googling the lyrics, some of which are pretty distinctive, with no success.

I’ll put in some of the lyrics here. Some I have trouble making out, because they are spoken by a distorted mechanical voice, and they will be entered in italics as the best approximation that I can put down from what I can hear:

When you’re sick to the bones dead connection
*donny *doctors to tell you you’re screwed
your dead hand needs resurrection
and your feets tryin’ to shuffle you through

shake up baby break up baby [repeat several times]
listen to the sound of it

when you’re stuck in the wrong place temptation
fills you up till you don’t know what’s true
these habits need elimination
open eyes, a positive view
I’d be glad to send an mp3 of the song to anyone who wants to take a crack at it, or play it for a goth/industrial DJ they think might be able to figure it out. Email me at nur0mncr [at] yahoo [dot] com

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Sorry to have posted it in the wrong forum, and thanks for setting me straight.


according to google cache"shake+up+baby+"+lyrics&hl=en&gl=uk&ct=clnk&cd=9

bout 2/3 way down
its Hallucination Generation by Gruesome Twosome

I can’t tell you anything about the song, but I suspect the “donny” in line 2 is some variant of “don’t need”. My Google-fu didn’t turn up any matching lyrics, though.

Ahhhh, I was wondering the same thing for awhile, knew it was the Gruesome Twosome, never knew the name of the song.