A Spectre is Haunting Texas...the Spectre of a Banana

I’m always amazed at the real news that pops up over Snopes. A Montreal artist wants to float a “geostationary” giant banana over Texas:


I’m missing things here. Why does a Montreal artist want to float a banana over Texas? Why a banana? (Via no chicken?) Why does he shamelessly misuse the term “geostationary”?

There are a lot of complaints. That $65,000 could go to more useful projects (like floating a giant steer over Texas?)(actually, if they can do it for a mere $65k, I think it’s a bargain. I predict cost overruns. That $1M cited later in the article sounds more likely, but still low.)
How could Texas retaliate? What would you fly over Montreal in protest? A giant Hockey puck?

“Texas is as symbolic as the banana???”

Just to go ahead and get it out of the way: “Geostationary Banana Over Texas” – Band name!

It does seem like a lot of money when you consider it’s only going to be there for a month. And when you consider it’s a giant freaking helium banana. What exactly is the message he’s trying to get across, here?

The thread title made me think Fleagle was floating around.

Ummm…it should be a burrito, not a banana.

I always thought Texas was a real place, turns out I was wrong. I’m starting to think maybe Belgium is just a metaphor.

Oh, the article’s use of the word “geostationary” is accurate. The article never said the banana would be in orbit, after all.
[sub]I can’t believe the things I write here…[/sub]

Sound is NSFW!

It’s a communications sattelite.

Wow, recycled badgers … :smiley:

… and a tip of the hat to every other artist from Montreal and every other city that never tried to invade another place’s space before with ridiculous airborne fruit.

Pity when ludicrous becomes confesed with novel.

D%*e#w@! “confused”

Now a lead zepplin we might consider…

How about “Geostationary Dunce Cap Over White House”?

I fear that it will attract Giant Gorillas.

Houston could wind up being demolished by kaiju more often than Tokyo!



We’ll just hover a huge cow turd over Montreal and call it even.

I have to admit, the “symbolic as the banana” part has me stumped. What about my native state - and the state in which I currently reside - is as symbolic as the banana?

What, is he trying to tell us we’re all a bunch of apes?

Oh. I think I got it. :smiley:

Oh, yeah, and “Geotationary” is an awful highfalutin’ word to use for “tethered to the ground” (or even if they have some elaborate system of GPS units and fan motors). It’sd just a ballooon kept in one spot. By that criterion, the balloons over my local used-car dealer are “geostationary”.