Signs or graffiti that give you pause...

On my way to downtown Portland on the MAX everyday I see graffiti on the side of a bridge that says “May Day = May 1” Always wondered why someone felt compelled to point that out.

On a sign outside of a, umm, Gentleman’s Club: “Great Beer, Wed 8-10”. I guess they only serve slop the rest of the time?

Sign outside a Tanning Shop I go by often: “High Pressure Tanning”. Jeez, kinda takes the fun out of it.

Across from my old apartment was a dentist office with a sign: “Dental Care for Adults and Children.” Always struck me as odd. What else is there.

On a newspaper vending machine outside a place I used to work: “Maria hates you.” What did I ever do to Maria?

Every morning, on the way to the gym I pass a billboard that informs me:

It’s NOT ok.

Never said it was, dude. Never said it was.

On route 287 north around Bridgewater NJ on the post for an overpass there is some gang graffiti. I mean someone literally painted the words “GANG GRAFFITI” in simple block letters. It is generically hilarious. I chuckle everytime I see it.

From my youth one has always stuck with me because it was so odd. On a train overpass someone spray painted, “Tuna is augly fish.” I know they meant “a(sic) ugly” but there was no space between the letters. I have no idea why it was there.

Then there is the famous one on the Washington Beltway in Maryland that I saw when I was going to school there. As you go under an overpass you could see the words “Surrender Dorothy” just as the Mormon Temple came into view. The temple looks just like the Emerald City. The graffiti has been covered up.

ETA found an old picture of the original graffiti.

On GA 316 between Atlanta and Athens, where you’re in the stretch that is ‘country’, there is a billboard, black on yellow, that simply says “JESUS”. Every time I pass it I wonder who the target audience is. Is some guy just driving along and suddenly “Oh crap, it’s Jesus I need! Why didn’t I think of that before!?”

Large billboard/sign along a rural highway in Amish country:

I come quickly.
- The Words of Jesus

They got pills for that now.

I’ve mentioned these on the Board before
1.) On the gate of a private house I used to pass on my way to work:



It made me wonder if the place was a Zombie Retirement Community, or something. More seriously, I suppose it could have been originally from some High Voltage facility or something, which the homeowner stuck on his front gate because it was weird. But the wording is strange, even in that case. To this day, I don’t really know what that sign’s supposed to be.
2.) On route 95 going through Providence, RI
No Exit 4
which made me automatically think “Sequelmania strike Jean-Paul Sartre”

3.) Near my house there’s one reading
** No Jake Brakes**

…which would have confused the heck out of me, but I have the Straight Dope, and know what that’s all about.

Despite this:

I haven’t reported the sign. I kinda like having its retro obscurity around.

The best graffiti I ever saw was on a bus, up on the overhead advertising. We had a big scandal here years ago, where a local company pretended to find gold somewhere overseas - it was a huge financial mess, people died, etc. Anyway, Reeses peanut butter cups had a campaign at the time that was showing a cross-section of a peanut butter cup, and someone had labelled the peanut butter section as, “Bre-X gold.” It totally cracked my shit up. :smiley:

Also seen on a condom vending machine: “This gum is rubbery and tastes funny.”

There’s this (“Do not urinate on wall”). Makes you wonder how much people were peeing on that wall that they’d resort to that.

I remember one out in the country that read
at play

Okay, I promise I won’t point.

I saw a sign in China that said (in English):

Look out! Scarp!

It made me want to whirl around and see if a scarp was sneaking up on me.

I was doing some work in New Orleans right after Katrina, and as the residents started to return, they began putting their garbage out on the streets, including lots and lots of refrigerators. One day I saw one with graffiti written on it that said Voodoo Today Here Now 5. A bit odd I thought. As I walked I saw another one with the same saying, then another, then another, then a street sign with it…it was all over the place. Someone had written this saying in hundreds of locations. :eek:
As I walked around the quarter I was surrounded by Voodoo Today Here Now 5. I don’t know if they ever figured out who did it or what it meant. I read somewhere that some street person said he was the artist. It became this sort of legend that inspired a play by the same name. I even found a t-shirt on Ebay with the saying.

Voodoo Today Here Now 5.

On a containment wall under a bridge over Cascadilla Creek in Ithaca, NY, (right after it exits Cascadilla Gorge,) there was, for years, a graffito couplet:

Ambergris, that’s whale fat
I popped her cherry and jumped her rat.

It’s sort of zen in its nonsensical first line combined with a sideways jump into crudity.

Once the kids and I were sitting in the car at a railroad crossing, staring in silence as the train passed by, when one of the boxcars suddenly appeared bearing a portrait of a demon holding up his middle finger. We were all totally :eek: and then we were like :D. Fer sure!

You see a lot of

“no shooting
the owner”

Signs in the Irish countryside

Maybe that wall wasn’t yellow to begin with.

Still there nearly a year later.

This thread made me think of one of my favorite time wasting websites, a collection of signs that people have vandalized to make them hilarious

There’s a sign that the Seattle Housing Authority puts up:

“Illegal Activities Prohibited”

I saw one in Spencer, NC once that said “Fire station left.” Hope nothing catches on fire there!