A strange Netflix observation

Last month I decided to try the free one month trial of Netflix. I worked my way through the first season of Star Trek: TNG. I decided to keep my subscription and upped it to 2 discs at a time so I could knock out all of TNG pretty quick. I’ve also decided to go through DS9, since I’ve heard it’s good and I’ve only seen about 5 episodes. I was expecting to get the last 2 discs from season 2 of TNG today, but my email says that the first 2 discs of DS9 Season 1 have shipped. I set up my queue to send discs in this order: TNG Seasons 1-6, DS9 S1, TNG S7, DS9 S2-7. I did that in case there is any overlap between story lines of the later TNG seasons and the early DS9 seasons.

Anyways, my queue said the next TNG disc I was expecting has a short wait. I guess they didn’t want to send me the episodes of TNG out of order, so they sent the first episodes of the next series I have in my queue.

Yeah, they do that - if there’s a wait on a series DVD, they send you the next thing in your queue rather than send it out of order. Which is a pain in the ass when the next thing is the next season of the same show.

I don’t like to take chances with that. I’m currently getting season 4 of Farscape, and the first few discs have a “long” or “very long” wait time. I’m keeping whichever disc I want next on top of my queue, with several other items between it and the next disc of the series to make sure I don’t get the story out of order.

I’ve had the instance where a DVD isn’t available at my local Netflix distribution center and they’re sending it from another location so it’s going to take longer. Then they’ve sent me an extra DVD from my list so as not to keep me waiting. Has only happened a couple of times but it’s pretty cool. I :heart: Netflix.

I do what Biffy does: put the one I really want next on the top of my list and then a few in between that are available. When I’m watching an entire series I usually break it up a little instead of watching, e.g., 14 episodes in a row.

Next DVD coming? 3rd of Season 2 of Damages. WOW! Tomorrow–can’t wait.

Clearly Netflix ought to let us define a partial order on our queue.

Another pain in the ass is when it says my discs will be in the mailbox when I get home, but they are not.

Huh, I didn’t realize they did that-- I’ve been alternating multiple series in my queue partly to avoid that problem (and partly so I don’t overload on a single series, of course). I did actually get one series disc out of order, but that was at a time when I had neglected my queue for a while and it didn’t have anything but that series left in it at the time.