Netflix question

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from my understaing you have a list of DVDs you want to view. If the first on your list is unavailable, NF will send you the second (and if the 1st 2 are unavailable, the third, etc)

Is this correct? (I couldn’t find this info on the website)

If that IS correct, is there any way to say don’t do that? I’m thinking NF may be the best way for me to see season 2 of Veronica Mars. I saw some of the early episodes, but then my UPN station went independant (related to the whole CW thing). But I wouldn’t want disc 5 before getting disc 4.

So is there anyway of saying “I can wait, don’t send me the next disc”?



That’s correct, if your first choice is unavailiable, they’ll send you your second etc.

As for a series of discs, they already hold them when the previous disc isn’t availiable, unless you specifically ask for only a certain disc.

You can also go in and reorder your list at any time. If it looks like the next disk in a series is going to be a bit of a wait, just pick something unrelated from farther down your list and move it to the top.

And, finally, most disks are available. I very rarely receive the second disk on my list; almost everything is “Available Now.” Certainly all of Veronica Mars Season 2 is “Available Now” to me.

So I can ask for a specific disc in a series? Because I did see the first few episodes so I can save some time and start with disc 3 or 4 (noty entirely sure the last episode I saw, will be checking summaries)


Yes. Each disc of a series is inventoried and ordered individually. Sometimes this is good, like in your case. Sometimes, like when a movie is put on DVD with all the special features on Disc 2 and you only order Disc 1 (most often because we didn’t know there *was *a Disc 2), it’s bloody annoying. We’ve learned to look carefully and make sure our queue is in the right order to get both discs together.

You can also bundle a series so that you get the discs at the same time, up to the number of movies you get sent.

You may have to add all the disks in the series to your queue at first, and then go to your queue and remove just the disks you don’t want to recieve. You usually can’t add individual disks from a series from the series description page.

Actually, there are links to do just that, though you have to poke around a bit to find them.