A strange thing happened on my way to a business trip.......

I was on a business trip to Dubai for the past 2 weeks. Finally back now. Something really weird happened at the TSA checkpoint at O’Hare.

Everyone was taking things out of their pockets, shoes off, etc. I had already taken off my flats and was headed through the checkpoint when the alarm rang.

I was wearing jeans, but I forgot to take off my belt.

As I was unbuckling, a guy behind me started grinning and saying shit like, “ooh, we’re in for a show from this babe!” and “strip baby strip!”

I was so taken aback by his behavior that I blushed and said nothing. I actually cried when I got onboard the plane, I was so embarrassed.

Why do people have to be such tools…

Does he post here, by any chance?

What an ass. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but if it does, perfect the Death Stare.

Wow, what a jerk.

Sorry. I’m a guy and I HATE those guys.

Sorry you had to deal with that, what a jerk. Thank goodness it’s over and that’s the end of it. I saw a headline not too long ago about how the number of sexual assaults happening with air travel has increased. It’s awful it made the ride home difficult for you, but what a relief you weren’t near that ass.


Even worse are the 10 other onlooking weenies that don’t put them in their place. And the TSA officials that don’t single them out for more thorough examinations.

The death stare is good idea. I am sorry you found it so upsetting.
Some Men are such asses.

I am sorry that happened. If it ever happens again, you absolutely should say something to someone in security (and there should be at least one female officer). Say it loud and proud, or step out of line and quietly say something to the person at the machine. If you think about it in advance, it’s easier to deal with it in the moment. I absolutely know how those moments can absolutely petrify you and all you want to do is get through it and get away. Guys like that deserve all the shit that the TSA can bring to bear on their unpleasant little selves.

Also, fuck that guy.

Ugh, that’s horrible! So sorry you had to go through that :frowning:

I’m sure we all like to think how we’d have reacted in this situation, either as the victim or a bystander, but it’s completely realistic that we’d freeze up, not have a come-back and then also have an emotional reaction afterwards.

Maybe next time you’ll be ready to snap back, or maybe not. Maybe next time you’ll be near bystanders who will have the courage to stand up to this despicable behavior. It doesn’t always have to be on the victim to stand up…we all need to try harder to make things right.

What would you have courageous bystanders do in this situation?

Say something. “Hey man, that’s not okay.” “Hey officer, this guy is hassling that woman.” “This guy is being a jerk.” “Don’t do that.”

I’d opt for calling the officer over myself. Arguing with someone at a checkpoint is probably not going to go well. In another place, start by saying something.

Yeah what Sunny Daze said. That’s all I meant - if you see someone being harassed, speak up. And I say “courageous” because it takes courage to speak up.

Yeah, I’d call the guy out. Something like, “Hey, shut the fuck up. What the hell’s wrong with you? It’s not right to harass a lady.”

I have told my daughters to speak up in this kinda situation. I am not so sure they would. I think I might, if I felt otherwise safe. As in a bunch of people around. I have this adrenaline thing that happens to me. I am not a flight type person, more of a fight girl. Hey, I grew up with brothers. Some women just can’t do it. Its not their fault. And there are bad acters who take advantage of this. It’s just too bad we as women have to put up with this misogyny in this century. It’s just wrong. And, I am so tired of it. Really? Guys. Really?


I’d have them complain to the security staff who are right there.

Strange behaviour at an airport is one of the factors in assessing a potential security risk, so it would be appropriate for a particularly thorough security checking to be done on a person who behaved that way. Maybe they’re stressed about something bad they’re intending to do. Should be checked.

Why would you not just turn around and say HEY, STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE. ??

That’s an absolute arsehole thing to say and I hope I’d say something were I anywhere near. If my kids were with me i reckon I’d be failing as a dad if I didn’t show them that it isn’t acceptable.

A couple of weeks ago I was pushing my trolley to my car and a lady in a flimsy dress was battling shopping, car boot lid, trolley and a strong breeze. She lost and a flash of underwear elicited hooting and whistling from a couple of young lads near me. She looked mortified and I whipped round with a death stare and just said to them. “enough, grow up!”.

Little shits.

With rubber gloves, and not in a private room. I hope I would have the will to say something on the order of, “In your dreams, ya fucking loser!” but honestly, I don’t know.