A stun gun can be used to reanimate a person?

In an improvised way, like a substitute to those electric gizmos we see at Baywatch?

not sure Abe, but i’m guessin no.

as far as i know, a stun gun tends to interfere with the nervous system of the victim, as oppose to the heart rythm.

also, i’m pretty sure that to have a decent effect on the heart the current must be spread across the chest somewhat, as a stun gun would more likely pass current over the area of skin, bones and tissue above the heart.

however, if theres any paramedics/doctors/otherwise knowledgeable ppl in this area, i’m ready to be corrected.

No. First of all, electricity cannot reanimate the dead. Those shockers used by hospitals are built to do one things - give the heart a shock. If you were dead, your body would be stopped cold. They work by exploiting two facts. First, the body continues to live although you are an inch from complete death, and that the heart works on electric signals. The machines are very specifically built to give just the right electric signal and need to be placed in the correct spot. A stungun will not help. Most of all, I don’t believe they’re make one that delivers the same kind and power of shock as an EKG machine.

I wasn´t exactly talking about reanimating the DEAD, but I got your point. Thanks for explaining.


We could be wrong.

Read this LINK!

Don’t be hasty.

Stun guns aren’t normally powerful enough to cause the heart muscle to stop beating in a normal fashion and twitch, but they do sometimes induce fibrillation. Sadly, a search on “stun gun” defibrillate doesn’t turn up a single instance of the devices being used to reverse an irregular heartbeat. It may be possible, but it’s certainly rare.