A Suspicious Package

I received a box this morning from a name and address I didn’t know. Hmmm… it’s sealed up pretty good. Hmmm… I have an exboyfriend in that town. So I shake it. “Don’t shake it!” yells one of my cube mates. “You don’t know what it is, or who it’s from. It could be a bomb.” Ok, so I’m lying, that was the back of my head talking. (It looks like a hand flapping behind my head, strangely it looks like my own hand).

“Elephant?” I hear over the cube (for real this time). They’ve been waiting for the packagederm too, they helped to contribute to its contents. So lessee: it’s either the elephant or a ‘suspicious package’. Oooo let’s open it!

I have some cool stuff in here:
[ul]Magazine holders will definitely come in handy for those pesky magazines I get out the door each month.
A harry potter glue stick the boy will love
A note book
A matching pencil and paper set
Mickey (who will become the new mascot of my mac)
A suction cup rhino pen holder (cute)
Empty travel bottles (suitable for the half squished bugs the boy calls ‘sbezmins’)
And a star trek cd (game?) for Win and MAC!! yay!

Thanks rocking chair! (and can I say it was very nice of you to pick up where someone else left off, you’re the best.) :slight_smile:

you are welcome!

i don’t know what the star trek thing will turn out to be. earthlink sent it to me.


rocking chair is the patron saint of all Wayward White Elephants and their Associated Packages.

Her scepter and tiara are on their way, even as we speak. (The “even as we speak” part is what I like to think of as a figure of speech. Unless you talk rreeaallyy sslloowwllyy. Then it might get there before you’re done. But probably not.)