Any one still on the couch for their White Elephant?

Just wondering.

I haven’t received mine. :frowning:

I’m on the I’m-getting-my-elephant-this-weekend-in-Chicago couch.

I think maybe Rue should badger all wayward elephanteers.

evil laugh

Why Shirley, my love, I had no idea you were still waiting.

Look here, I happen to have your address.

rubs hands together

I’m not your Elephanteer, but …

Well, I haven’t gotten a white elephant, but I’ve pretty much decided it isn’t coming. That’s okay, I got a Book Swap package, so I’m content.

Nope. Sorry. I’ve institutued a “No Badgering” policy. It’s a rule and there’s nothing I can do.

But if someone wants to be the Official Elephant Badgerer, I think there’s a spot open in the Organizational Chart.

I was told it was on the way a while ago, but I think mine got lost in the mail. No biggie, I’ve got enough junk lying around.

I think mine missed its way too. No elephants in sight.

I’m terribly sorry that mine is still sitting here, ready to go in the mail. I’ve had some minor emergencies happen at Casa Bear that have delayed me. It’s not any of the ones who’ve already posted to this thread. But, after this weekend, I will almost certainly have even more stuff to send someone, and I’d be most happy to. (I got volunteered to help run the neighborhood yard sale this coming Saturday.)

{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to all who haven’t gotten theirs yet, especially mine.

Sorry for that server hiccup just now – I had to do a search to find this thread.

The point being that I got my white elephant!! Superdude drug it all the way with him to Chicago. It’s lucky he didn’t have it in his pocket with his wallet!
[li]A ticket stub from a Tesla concert - apparenly signed by all the band members except the drummer[/li][li]The Hoveround informational video[/li][li]The Showgirls video, wowza[/li][li]The Jack Chick Track, “A Love Story”[/li][li]A Far Side Collection, The Curse of Madame ‘C’[/li][li]Two cough novels – Unexpected Marriage and A Cowboy for Clementine. The spines look relatively unbroken. I don’t think he’s read them yet.[/li][li]Vivarin. Would have been useful Sunday morning if I had been thinking.[/li][li]The key to a Mazda. Anyone got a Mazda I can try this with? Also came with a fun mirror ball keychain.[/li][li]A Lexmark Getting Started Kit, containing The CreataCard Special Edition and Microsoft Encarta.[/li][li]Music Cd’s: Dennis Miller Rants Redux and Saturday Morning album samples by someone named Lennon, who is not John[/li][li]Software CD’s: Monopoly Star Wars Edition and Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion[/li][li]A Logitech USB Optical Wheel Mouse. Apparently it works, he just didn’t like it![/li][/ul]

So cool. I think I’ll take the mouse home to my parents. They’re so 20[sup]th[/sup] century using a mouse with a ball. And my SO and I will privately enjoy the Hoveround video. :smiley:

I’m on the couch, but I think I’m scheduled to be part of the next White Elephant…unfortunately I joined too late this time around :frowning:

Still couched. I think Customs has a lot to answer for.