The Much Shorter *I Got My Elephant!!!* Thread

Five pages! Sheesh! That’s a bit too long. Even for an Elephant Thread.

So, I’m dusting off my Assistant Stand-In Elephant Wrangler Gopher, Third Class pin and starting this puppy up.

Elephant recipients so far include…

Jodi from Hastur
Superdude from UncleBill
beegirl from Zebra
Gravity from BunnyGirl
Skerri from delphica
that_darn_cat from FairyChatMom
bobkitty from monster
Jeffro from Gravity
Paul The Younger from Lsura
FairyChatMom from Grace
Arden Ranger from Paul The Younger
thinksnow got a bonus package from porcupine
callie from Zappo
SilkyThreat from Briminator
UncleBill from Rue DeDay
Tequila Mockingbird from katiekilldare
Boscibo from pcubed
Aguecheek from porcupine
Spyderman from Myron Van Horowitzski
The Punkyova from Lunatic13
Odieman from Boscibo
delphica from Tattva
Zebra from dentarthurdent
Verrain from Seawitch
thinksnow got another one from rocking chair
Wicked Blue from Elenfair
enPhantBlanc from Jodi
Lunatic13 from Aguecheek
Shayna from bean_shadow
Diane from Baker
TheOtherOne from Booker57
SpoilerVirgin from Chef Troy
Booker57 from CrankyAsAnOldMan
Rue DeDay from scout1222
Ino from Jeffro
mongrel_8 from dobbinaire
Beadalin from beegirl
Zebra got a bonus Elephant from rocking chair
Pammipoo from Abby
scout from bobkitty (two of my Special Friends)
CrankyAsAnOldMan from Soda
Ellen from SpoilerVirgin
Elenfair jumped ship to say she got one from eirroc.

So now we’re up to speed. (40 Official Exchanges)(Not counting the Still Waiting on the Couch Crew.)

There you go.

And post here, not the really long thread. OK?

My fanny is still, unfortunately, on the couch.

:big mournful sigh:

What’s this elefant stuff?
like, useless stuff?

  • scared *

i should really look this up, but i’m off out.

what is this thread about?

Qis, this thread should answer your question…

Pucette also received a bonus package from rocking chair.

She’s still waiting for her Elephant…

How much does it cost to post a White Elephant? and will you get it past customs?

Let me know when it’s round three.

Can people who’ve sent their elephants check in here because they’ve yet to receive word that the package reached its destination?

I still don’t have my stuff. :frowning:

“So isn’t that what we’re asking in all of our lives—‘where’s my elephant?’ I know that’s what I’ve been asking,”–Kent Brockman.

[sub]I know it was posted in the other thread. It’s just as relevant here! :D[/sub]

Rue DeDay this is Baker While you were wrangling you missed on of them thar elephants. I got my package, but I’m ashamed to say I don’t know for sure the user name of my sender. So I will include initials of the giver’s name. Thanks SG

Baker, your special person was enPhantBlanc, FYI.

Rue, my lad, you are showing yourself to be quite the industrious little Wrangler. I think this might rate a promotion…

Well, I did send mine, but recently. And so I can say “patience!” to one of the dopers who has already posted to this thread… :wink:

Wow, that was subtle, wasn’t it.

I stepped in some elephant stuff at the circus one time, but I don’t think that was your question…

[sub]I see FCM answered while I was composing this, but it would be a shame to let all this coding go to waste, wouldn’t it?[/sub]

Well, Qis, it all started with an idea of Cranky’s, that thinksnow took to wrangling. Soon elephant’s were flying all over the globe, and the first Straight Dope White Elephant Swap[sup]TM[/sup] was an (in)complete success.

So of course, we had to do it again, with thinksnow once again doing the wrangling. Yes, there were cheap and tawdry and even calorie-laden imitators, but there could only be one true *Wrangler de Elephants par Excellance[sup]TM[/sup]*. Assignments went out, and pale pachyderms soon followed…which is where we find ourselves today.

Clear as elephant dung on a cloudy morning, eh? :slight_smile:

This actually looks like fun. Wonder why I didn’t get in on it at the beginning.

Ack! There’s a lost post floating around somewhere…

I linked to the url=“”]old thread. And caught up on the receptions I missed.

amarinth from Astroboy
Myron Van Horowitzski from SilkyThreat
Elenfair from eirroc
Astroboy from Kat
Baker from enPhantBlanc (like think said)

I think that’s everyone. If not, it’s not.

And Gartog, Astroboy and Soda (Didn’t Cranky get a box from Soda?) are from Far and Wide. (I think Astroboy is from Wide and Soda is from Far, but I could be wrong.) And Ginger’s package is crossing a border. (Make of that what you will.) So, yeah, you can play if you want.

If anyone sees the original post, let me know. OK?

Screw the coding and pad my post count.

Cut’n’Paste, or click here

Well, I don’t know if I am FROM wide, but I AM wide!:smiley:

Anyways, I’m glad amarinth got mine…

Well, I got my crap. But what fantastic crap it is! In fact, this stuff is Hypercrap. Man, what a haul. Thanks a gajillion, Gamelan. Anyway, my g/f rang me and said a huge box had arrived from the USA, and because she doesn’t know much about the internet, almost nothing about the SDMB, and absolutely bugger all about the White Elephant Swaps, I thought I’d play with her mind, and I told her to go ahead and open it.

Dunno what she was expecting when she opened it, but here’s an approximation of the goodies she found:
[li]Tapes (including funky homemade karaoke ones) Gonna bung the Igor Stravinsky one into the casette player ASAP[/li][li]CDs of various persuasions including a wait for it…Taylor Dane album circa 1989.[/li][li]Videos (music mostly, and Little Shop of Horrors! wooHOO)[/li][li]A whole bunch of paperbacks, the most prized of which will be J Edgar Hoover’s 50s diatribe on the Red Menace[/li][li]A wonderful cigar box and tins[/li][li]Coupla watches (which even appear to be working)[/li][li]A bit sander for a drill[/li][li]A Tootsie Roll money box[/li][li]A box o’ decorative light bulbs[/li][li]An old TV aerial[/li][li]A Chinese dragon stamp[/li][li]A Dunkin’ Donuts napkin[/li][li]A Grand Casino pen[/li][li]A single serve sachet of soy sauce[/li][li]Guitar picks[/li][li]Stickers[/li][li]Not any moist towelette, but a PREMIUM moist towelette[/li][li]A clock radio[/li][li]Some matches[/li][li]Shells and bits of what look like coral[/li][li]A drawstring bag[/li][li]A map of Miami / Ft Lauderdale (particularly useful)[/li][li]A digital handheld metronome[/li][li]A postcard of the Grizzly Bear Artificial Insemination Team[/li][li]Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten (some of it is downstairs)[/li][sub]'cept I was told I almost got porn. Where’s my porn? We want porn!![/sub]

Man O man, this is fun stuff. No wonder my girlfriend thinks the internet is for nutters.

Thanks again, Gamelan!

[sup]subtle bump[/sup]

I am from Far, but mostly we call it Sweden. I was worried my elephant might be stuch in customs for a while (hell, I sent Cranky glass pipes, easily mistaken as drug paraphenalia), but it had quite a speedy little trip across the Atlantic.

I’m still awaiting my package, but my sender was sweet enough to drop me a line saying it was finally in the mail. I’ll be camping out by my mail box next week.

So, there I was, returning from the trek I made to Publix, after a long morning driving to the bank, taking a nap, and then cleaning for a bit. I look at the bank of mailboxes, and think, “I won’t check it just now. It’s Saturday, and I never have anything anyway.” But I checked it anyway, cause, ya know, I kind of felt like it. Lo and Behold! A package from Beadalin. And it’s covered in beautiful polka-dotted paper. :slight_smile:

I open it and find note, sending me on a FANTABULUOUS IMAGINARY TRIP TO EUROPE. Wahoo!

The first thing I see is a never opened 2000 Flushes Blue PLUS Detergents. What have you heard about my housekeeping skills? Do you know my mother?

Books!. I love books. First up is Ken Follett’s The Modigliani Scandal…cool, haven’t read that one yet. Followed by Louise Cooper’s The Initiate and The Master. The titles sound…suggestive.

A pair of shoes. But these aren’t just any shoes. Accoring to the note, these are never-worn shoes. Let me try to describe them. Sort of a high-heeled open back sandal, in red and yellow. There are bead & embroidery flowers across the toe-strap thingies.(Don’t laugh, I just buy shoes that I like, I don’t know what they’re called). The heels are a delightful shade of yellow, that contrasts beautifully with the red. Manufactured under the ever famous Chinese Laundry brand. And they’re my size. I wonder if I can get away with these at the Audit Committee meeting Monday?

A Koosh! And that’s Some Lizard that’s attached to it too. I especially like the facial expression.

Chant, by that famous group, The Benedictine Monks of Sante Domingo De Silos.
Pachelbel Kanon and other hits of the Baroque. I know what I’m playing at MY next party.
Pure Party, featuring hits such as 1999, Shake Your Booty, and Walk Like and Egyptian Inside this case are two CDs(the second cd is holiday mix 2001

An inflatable neck pillow in a beautiful grey shade.

A cat toy that reminds me vividly of the photo of an atom on my college chemistry text.

Another book!. This one is Pickles to Pittsburg the sequel to the ever-popular Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Finally, a tall red candle that smells kind of nice.

Thanks Beadalin…the note amused me to no end along with everything inside. :slight_smile: