Its been a while since we had a White Elephant Exchange - anyone keen?

Does anyone have a hankerin’ to unload a box of your cra…uh, stuff in exchange for someone else’s stuff?

If enough people are keen I’ll set it up again.

Here’s some back ground if you have no idea what I’m on about:

So - lemme know. :slight_smile:

Sure, I have a lot of cr… I mean stuff I can share! Count me in!

I have lots of really “nice” things to send.

Well ok then! 3 is enough for me to at least get the ball rolling: Here are the rules - same as always:

e-mail me your screen name, IRL name, mailing address and any shipping limitations to the e-mail in my profile. No PMs please - its a bit of a pain in the butt.

Lets make the cut off May 1st just because I like that date and it will give people a long time to sign up. It always happens if I cut off too soon people who wanted to participate miss the thread - this way they have a whole month.

Rules are the same as always:

  1. Don’t ship anything illegal or breakable. Immoral is just fine.
  2. If you can’t ship something out promptly, let me know.
  3. Don’t sign up if you have no intention of sending anything.
  4. I won’t post the names of non-shippers, but you’ll get at least 2 snarky e-mails from me.
  5. If you joined the board in March 2011, it’s going to take a really hard sell on your part to have me let you in.

Thats about it.

If anyone hasn’t received a package by some time in May I’ll either send one myself or have a happy volunteer send of an extra. Elephant bounty for all, etc.

sound of elephant trumpeting!!!

i am so very much in! i have tons of items looking for new vistas.

I’m in! It’s been eating me out of house and home, and since it painted it’s toenails red I’ve had a hell of a time finding it in the strawberry patch.

The last and only time I did this my recipient disappeared from the boards. I think I scared him off. But I’ll think about it, I’m sure to have more cra… neat stuff to send. If I do it you could always pair me up with a poster you don’t like, in case I scare them off, too.

Look! It’s a sticky white elephant! :smiley:

I am SURE that I can find some spectacular items that are deserving of a good home.

Count me in, sounds like fun! email sent.

I’m debating… I kind of dropped the ball last time, and I said I would skip the next years, as a punishment.

There was no following years, so… yeah. Hmmm…

Hiya Tristan, it looks like you shipped last time and your Elephant was received in a (somewhat) timely fashion, so I’m happy to include you if you like. :slight_smile:

Just an quick housekeeping point:

Shipping limitations have to be limited to COUNTRIES or CONTINENTS. I can’t/won’t start farting around with state specific shipping requirements 'cus that would be insane.


I am now a guest, but have been a member- do I still need to be a member to participate?

The idea of the white elephant has always been enticing, but my GF is absolutely enamored of it!!!

Well, a quick perusal of my UserName will note that I’m also a guest so I’d be pretty hard pressed to exclude other guests! :slight_smile:

Please join - it’s only people who’ve joined the boards in the last week or so that I’m leery of just as we don’t have a great idea of who they’re going to wind up being, ya know?

BTW - is your GF SUPER girly?

I’m sure I can sweep together enough to fill a box. Count me in.

WHAT. Ever. I love my stuff. Especially my figurine of Hello Kitty sitting on a toilet with a magazine.

Yes. I own it.

Well good then. Perhaps in a year or so the lure of a box of NEW stuff will be too great and you’ll decide to sign up for the next round.