A Tad Late But Still Heartfelt

I had originally intended to post this on my second anniversary here but I never got around to it. Even though it is a couple of weeks late the sentiments expressed are still accurate (I hope I didn’t put anyone to sleep with that sentence :wink: )
Well today is my second anniversary on the SDMB, and I would like to take some time to reflect on what it has meant to me. Two years ago when I joined all I expected was a brief diversion from the routine of my day, a place to spend some time and hopefully get a few laughs and maybe learn something. Well it has been that and more, I have had some great times there. Unlike when I started I know now that the boards aren’t the be all and end all of what the SDMB, the important thing I have gained from them is the opportunity to get to know and meet the people behind the posts. After all if I am fighting ignorance alone along with a bunch of faceless automatons, it isn’t that much fun. But once you make the connection that there are people behind the posts, bright, funny, intelligent people it becomes more meaningful. For the first year I was content to lurk on the boards, I didn’t make an effort to contact anyone, and it was just a diversiion when things got boring at work. But in the past year I have reached out to the people on the boards, and made some good, good friends, shared good times and bad, fell in love and became a part of a vibrant community. As someone said this is like a big version of Cheers, where people DO know your name.

On this my second anniversary on the boards I would like to thank you guys, for without you I wouldn’t care about this and I wouldn’t be celebrating.

So here is a toast to you…to all the people on the SDMB and spinoffs that have come into my life, thank you, and cheers.

Happy Anniversary!

You da man!
For the record, I’ve always liked you better than Garfield.

Cheers to you too Keith. I for one am glad you found your way here. You have profoundly changed my experience of this board. Thank you. I’m looking forward to another two years here with you.

love always,

:: clink clink ::

Happy anniversary, Odie :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary, Keith!!

I’m so happy to have you in my life. :slight_smile:

Love, Rose

Thanks for hangin’ with us Odieman.