A Test and a Question.

I still don’t have the automatic smilies and other functions. So will have to do everything manually. That’s okay. But I need some practice with hyperlinks. This one, if I get it right, will be a link to the Straightdope home page. This is only a test:

Straightdope home page.

Also, I seem to recall some years back someone posted a link to a web page that tells how you do all these things manually. I could really use that link if anyone knows what I am talking about. Thank you in advance, whoever provides it.

Also, I have a question. I was thinking of posting a thread that would include a song on YouTube. Is is alright to post links to songs on YouTube? I know the song might be copyrighted. But everyone posts all kinds of stuff on YouTube, and it seems alright. In any event, I wasn’t sure.

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

Are you looking for this?


The link is available on every thread page at the bottom left with the caption “BB code is On”.