A Thread In Appreciation of Lodi Zinfandel

I have been drinking red wine with my dinner all of my adult life. I drink it because I really like the way that a good red wine tastes with good food.

I have had wine from France and from Italy, and from Chile and Australia, and from Germany and Spain; and I’ve had all kinds of wine from California because that’s where I was born and where I remain. I would say that my experience covers a broad range of appellations and price ranges.

Of all the different wonderful wines I have enjoyed, I can say with absolute certainty that in my opinion there is nothing as good as a Zinfandel from Lodi, California. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the growers and vintners in that region for their consistent dedication to excellence.

Also, I want to thank the soil, and the vines themselves, who do most of the magic.


Oh lord, drunk in Lodi again.

And how wise of them to rip all the tokay that they used to grow. If you haven’t found them already, check out Klinker Brick.

Zinfandel is not my favorite variety, but living in Sacramento I’m well aware of Lodi’s status as ‘The Zinfandel Capital of the World’.

Ooooh! Haven’t heard of them before! Gotta love that grape picture, though. I’ll check them out!

Didn’t he invent fuzzy logic?

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel - yum!

So very yes. One of our favorites.