A totally bizarre 9-11 coincidence.

Or maybe it wasn’t a coincidence because it didn’t exactly happen the way it was planned to happen. You be the judge…

My wife was increasingly pregnant last year and was staying in bed more and more as the baby grew closer. So she and I decided that, what the hell, we would catch one of those stupid Reality shows, watch it from start to finish, and it wouldn’t be Survivor. So we chose Fox’s Murder in Small Town X.

The premise was simple: 10 or so contestants trying to catch a murderer. At the end of the episode both a contestant got “killed” by the serial killer, and a person from a list of suspects was eliminated. Obviously this was geared to create a frenzy in the American populace as millions of people tried not only to guess who the murderer was, but also who would win.

In theory, but not in fact. The show tanked. It tanked so hard that Fox decided to end the show early, by showing the last episode a week early in conjunction with the second to last episode in a “Spellbinding 2 hour conclusion!” So, on Tuesday September 4th, we learned that contestant Angel Juarbe solved the mystery and walked away with a quarter-million and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Of course he had to wait until the final episode aired to take possession of the winnings, but he finally got his check.

On Tuesday, September 11th, NYC firefighter Angel Juarbe died as tower 1 collapsed upon him as he was evacuating people from a building adjacent to the WTC.

Had Fox not hurried the show, the final episode of MSTX that had Mr Juarbe winning would’ve run on the very day that he died in the WTC attacks.

Actually, it wouldn’t have because it would’ve been postponed because of the attacks. And then, all of a sudden, Fox has this little piece of crap TV show that nobody watched, that now has one of America’s fallen hero’s winning a quarter million dollars on the day that he died. What the hell do you do with that? Run it? Don’t run it? I think there is some Fox executive out there that is very, very glad that he didn’t have to wrestle with that decision.

I think it would have been aired to help humanize someone who died helping others.

TV or not TV, you can’t take it with you.

I actually watched a good deal of Murder in Small Town X (under the guise of research), and had no idea Angel Juarbe had died/was missing after Sept. 11 until I recognized his photo as one of the many posted by relatives of missing people.

sounds like some horrible Alanis Morressette song…

Thank You?

What’s really interesting is that on September 11th, Front Line Assembly released their latest single entitled Everything Must Perish.

Yeah, just bad timing.


Or how about the band “I Am The World Trade Center” (in their album Out Of The Loop calling track 11 “September?”

The album came out in July 2001.

Zev Steinhardt

I bet you that the members of that band were well and truly freaked out, if they were able to make the connection in the midst of all the other swirling emotions on that day.

This has little to do with the OP, but I was watching Real World last night, and the previews for the next episode had a confessional with one of the girls, (can’t remember which one) saying "Tomorrow, September 11th, is my brithday)… just thought it was odd that she said the date… then the rest of the preview is the seven of them watching the television and reacting. Interesting that the TV cameras caught the people of the “real world” reacting to the “real world” on TV.

If that makes sense.

There’s always the possiblity that the “Real World” producers shot the interview after the fact, to provide an appropriate ironic introduction to the episode. I think that was like the first time a television was brought into the “Real World” environment, and I think 2 cast members had relatives working in New York and Washington.

Brondicon… You are thinking of Big Brother.
On the Real World they can watch TV. They are not cut off from the outside world… in fact they go out in it quite a bit.
…Ahhh… Murder in Small Town X… A show about your average folks trying to solve a murder… Wait… Nope a show about average folks being sent as errand runners in the guise of trying to solver a murder.
I really liked the idea of the show when I thought it was a mix of the Truman show (a closed enviornment populated by actors) and a murder mystery. But all the ridiculous conventions and rules of the show were just idiotic.

Like this bit:
One of the “rules” (I guess not a rule but one of the guidelines they were to follow) “You have to travel together or the killer might get you.”
And then the “Voted off the island” scenario:
“The only way to be eliminated is to be one of the two picked to go on the clue/killed mission. One will get a clue, one will get killed”

-But if that’s that way they get eliminated… Why can’t they travel alone? There’s no danger if the killer can only get you if you are picked. Why bother telling them this. It was just lame artificial tension.

The show would have been much better if it was done with 8 people all trying to solve the murder but have no real skills to do it. They have to use their wits and determination in order to get ahead. Experts would be available only to help NOT tell them exactly what to do (like it was done on the show). The killer could eliminate them at any time and they were free to explore the whole town and talk to anyone.
You could work independently or together. (Working alone would be more dangerous but working together would mean you share the prize money.

Sure it would make the show more expensive but atleast it would be a heck of alot more interesting.

Oh, weird. Weird, weird, WEIRD.


Or how about Eric’s Trip in the song “September”–“I remember the day you walked into my mind / September the 11th…”

Which I listened to the day after, forgetting that lyric :shudder:

I don’t think anything can top the coincidence of that rap album that was supposed to be released that featured the towers exploding.

yeah that one tops 'em all Elwood… and the explosions were even in the right places

I think FOX might have “exploited” that coincidence if it had happened. A lot of people I believe could have exploit the tragedy. There seemed to be a contest of who was most patriotic with car commercials IMHO. That and the flag logos of FOX, ABC and NBC… I’m not saying the logos couldn’t have been 100% innocent, I’m just saying they might not have been. I could see FOX advertising it to boost ratings.