A trippy re-mixy Day In the Life: Who is this???

I just heard this remix of A Day In The Life on the radio and it was really cool but the DJ didn’t announce who it was.

They use Lennon’s vocals mixed in with new trippy music. It sounded great. Does anyone know who recorded this? What album I can get it on.

Just one bump- hoping someone can help. :slight_smile:

some possibilities from iTunes;

A Day in the Life 4:44 Jeff Beck
A Day in the Life 5:55 Wes Montgomery
A Day in the Life 5:46 Wes Montgomery
A Day In the Life 3:42 Sylk 130 When the Funk Hits the Fan
A Day in the Life 1:37 Prince Paul Politics of Business
A Day in the Life 5:17 Brian Auger Auger Rhythms
A Day in the Life 3:37 Joe Spurling Pensive Uni
A Day in the Life 4:34 Jaysun Hurry Up and Wait
A Day In the Life 4:58 DJ Wally Nothing Stays the Same
A Day in the Life 4:54 Tupac Shakur The Lost Tapes: Circa 1989
A Day in the Life 6:40 Charlie Daniels Steel Witness
A Day In the Life 5:22 Lee Ritenour (I Got No Kick Against) Modern Jazz - A GRP Artists’ Celebration of the Songs of the Beatles

You almost certainly heard A Day in the Life of the Karma Police, which featured the Beatles’ vocals mixed over Radiohead’s haunting piano ballad Karma Police. It’s been on a lot of LA and DC radio stations over the summer, usually playing in the wee hours by DJ’s who don’t have to be accountable to the mothership.

I can’t find any info on who recorded it, but MP3s of the tune are widely available and may feature an ID3 tag with the mixer’s name. As far as I know, the remix is in the same “gray area” as all mash-ups, meaning you won’t find it on an album.