A truck just ran over me and my bike

I’m ok in case you’re curious.

I’m riding back from the Pink Pony (best potato skins ever!) and I see a truck wanting to turn out of a restaurant but I don’t pay too much attention to it because I’m riding on a sidewalk and I’m not booking it or anything. I start to drive past him, my front tire just getting past his headlight when he pulls forward. I drift away from him assuming he’ll stop and…crunch.

He was going slow and thankfully my bike took all the damage. He was thiiiiiiis close to running over my foot, only the pedal was angled enough that he didn’t, so my bike saved me some annoying damage.

Oh he’s also blind in one eye, AND won’t pay for a new bike because “only the back tire is bend, I’ll get you a new tire”. :rolleyes:

So on Tuesday I am going to go to a bike shop and say “listen…just tell the guy it’ll cost more than the bike to fix and I’ll go to Target and buy a new one”. If the dude is still being a dick I’ll…I dunno…figure something out.

I hate peopel

I hope you got his insurance info (assuming he has it.)

Glad you’re ok, but it sounds like perhaps this fellow shouldn’t be driving.

That’s what small claims court is for.

You pulled in front of a truck, that was pulling out, without eye contact from the driver?

You are two parts brave and two part foolhardy, if that’s the case. I always ride on the sidewalks in my town, but I never pull out in front of anybody that I can’t tell if they can see me.

No matter how in the ‘right’ I am. Your bike can be fixed, your brain cannot. Next time, I suggest more caution!

Good luck in your epic battle, but be aware, small claims court just gets you a judgment, it’s still up to you to collect!

He doesn’t get to decide this.

Don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk.

Assuming he was leaving the sriveway and turning right, if you were coming from his left (it was his left tire that hit you) he is a douchenozzle that should not be driving.
If on the other hand you were approaching from his right side then you performed the single stupidest act a bike rider can preform*. If this is the case you were in the wrong and you should kiss this guy for not killing you.
*I say this as a guy that is posting this while drinking my post Sunday ride coffee. I generally ride 3-5 days a week. I don’t ride on sidewalks and I would never ride against the flow of traffic. You can get killed that way.

But for God’s sakes man, HOW IS THE BIKE?!

Kidding, I’m glad you’re okay.

Is it legal in your area for you to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk?

Regardless of how it happened…good to hear you’re ok.

Blind in one eye? Doesn’t that tend to make depth perception tough? I would think that would disqualify one from driving.

When you say “truck driver,” do you mean a private citizen in a pickup truck? Or a company employee driving something larger?

The tire is bent or the wheel is bent?

Either way, one bend to the frame and he owes you a new bike, assuming it is all his fault.

glad you are OK.

what are T cups?

I’m glad to hear you’re okay, but next time, please assume they are out to kill you, because it’s better to be safe than not live to be sorry.

I WAS wondering. I’m glad you’re okay.

The same sort of thing happened to my daughter’s roommate, only the truck was making a right turn without looking at the bike lane or crosswalk. She also came out of it okay, but her bike did not.

Good luck with the insurance company - or small-claims court, if it comes to that!

How was it the stupidest act you can perform on a bike? And I was coming from his right, but I don’t see how stupid it was. I’m riding on a sidewalk and he’s pulling out of a parking lot, it’s his job to look and give the right of way

There are places where it* isn’t *legal???

[QUOTE=Digital is the new Analog;15227432 Blind in one eye? Doesn’t that tend to make depth perception tough? I would think that would disqualify one from driving.

When you say “truck driver,” do you mean a private citizen in a pickup truck? Or a company employee driving something larger?[/QUOTE]

Yeah I would think so. And it was in his blind eye that I was coming from, how the hell do you not be extra careful and check that?? And it was a regular guy in a pickup truck

The frame is bent, he just doesn’t believe me that it is. I have to wait til Tuesday so I can have a bike guy tell him

As in my username? Teacups like the ride at Disneyworld. I just shortened it to Tcups. It was my nickname in college

As a dude, its got to be a better nickname than “D-Cups”.

It actually is because I can’t ride them. I will throw up in 5 minutes…but to college guys that translated to the fact that I was scared of them so they called me that in good natured fun (I swear it wasn’t mean). I was known as Teacups to everyone, it took years before people actually knew my real name. I adopted it from day one and loved every minute of it; and boy do I miss it.

Oh, I’m with you there. I can ride rollercoasters, drop-you-freefall rides, any of that stuff but please do not spin me around fast and repeatedly…blech.

What I meant was that it would suck to be a fat guy and have people call you D-Cups because of the size of your moobs. Great googly moobly!

This x 17

The street that I was riding on has NO room for bikes other than the sidewalk.

And I wouldn’t ride in the street anyway because I really can’t see how that’s any safer