A two fer... I pit on-line phone books and employment agencies

You senseless, faceless, impersonal, corporate trash. Yeah you, The Talking Phone Book. I look up Employment Agencies on-line specifically because I want the latest information. I already know better than to trust what is printed in the four inch thick hard copy book that’s been sitting around since last year.

I print out 207 listings for employment agencies in my local area. So far I’ve only called 20 of them, and of those 20, 5 have been disconnected! What the Fuck?!?

How can they be disconnected? I just printed them out from your on-line listing! Somehow I doubt that 25% of the listings just happened to close their doors in the last couple of hours. How can you blissfully have a recording telling me the numbers are no longer in service and still list them on your web pages! I know what I pay for phone service so I know you’re not so cash strapped that you can’t afford to add a couple of lines of programming so that when someone disconnects their phone, it automatically gets removed from the on line listing! This is the information age! The age of computers! Wake up and smell the 21st century!

And while I’m at it. How difficult would it be for Employment Agencies to give some clue as to what their speciality is? Sure I was able to cross out a quarter of the 207 listings by virture of their name alone. Accountemps and Medical Staffing are great names because I don’t have to waste my time or theirs calling them to ask about finding a job managing a warehouse! But the rest of you fuckers really piss me off!

I’m supposed to know that Advantage Professional deals exclusively with IT personel? So I’m wasteing half my time calling agencies that have nothing to do with my career path. But they’re all so secretive about their business, they won’t talk about any of the other agencies for fear of loosing a client to the competition. So of course there is no database about what each agency specializes in.

May your switchboards be mobbed by a thousand phonecalls a day from unskilled highschool dropouts all seeking management positions. … Uh, *right after *I’ve called to find out who to send my resume to…