A Very Disgusting Meeting

So I’m in a meeting today with several people, including a mid-level muckedy-muck from the Mothership. I’m sitting next to the aforementioned muckedy-muck when I notice that a giant booger is hanging from his left nostril (unfortunately the side I’m sitting on). Needless to say, I become mesmerized by said booger and unable to tear my eyes away from it as it danced in and out of his nostril with each breath. This went on for about 15 minutes until he turned towards me with a comment - and a particularly hearty exhale – and the booger flew out of his nose and landed right on my notebook. I had to pretend as if nothing happened until I could discretely shake the booger off my notebook into the trashcan, which was conveniently located right behind me, and throw that sheet of paper away (which also contained all my notes but there was no way in hell I was keeping it).

Anyone else have any gross, awkward stories to share?

I’m trying to eat here. {retches}

How rude.

You should have given him the notebook page with the booger, saying “I think you dropped this.”

“Oh my God, they’re boogers!! Oh, they’re plunging to the earth right in front of our eyes! One just went to the page of my notebook! Oh, the humanity! The boogers are landing around like sacks of wet cement! Not since the Hindenberg tragedy has there been anything like this!”
NostrilGate: What did you nose and when did you nose it?

Preferably after you used a red pen to circle the nose-nugget, with an arrow pointing to it with large letters reading “BOOGER”

Well what didja open the thread for?

At the end of the meeting, you should have said, “Well, gotta boogie.”

That’s snot what he should have said.

I used to work for a company where we would have a weekly department meeting run by one of my co-workers. He was a nice guy, brilliant, but pretty un-self-aware. As he spoke, he would gradually develop a build-up of spittle in one corner of his mouth. The longer he spoke, the larger the sticky white string of spit would get, clinging to both top and bottom lips in the corner of his mouth. Eventually it would start to break apart and minute gobs of spit would launch hither and yon onto the table.

It disgusted me. I would have to turn away and could think of nothing but trying to get the image out of my head, which means I couldn’t pay attention to anything he was saying. To make matters worse, the meetings were held in my office. I somehow had the largest office in the department, complete with a meeting table and chairs, so I couldn’t get away even if I tried. After every meeting I had to get out a bottle of Windex and some paper towels and sanitize the table.

I hated those meetings.

We recently had a thread here where someone told about their coworker who repeatedly ate his own boogers, earwax, fingernails, etc. They complained to the boss, who talked to the guy, who, from what I remember, just kept on doing it.

Ah, here it is!

I wonder if there’s been any improvement since then.

Because I’m a fool - a FOOL, I say!

Today when I went to the bathroom in the office someone who used the stall before me unrolled the toilet paper, blew their nose on it and rolled it back up again. I just about vomited so it is a good thing I was in the bathroom already.

:o <---- vomiting smiley

Sorry, couldn’t bring myself to click on that thread, but it reminded me of something. In grade school one of my classmates had some issues going on, amongst those it appeared as though she never washed her hair, I can remember it being really greasy all the time. Also, I think she had a minor case of cradle cap.
Okay, now, remember the mechanical pencils that you would click down the eraser end to make the lead come out, and when you were done you would hold down the top, push the lead in and then let go and the lead would retract back inside about a millimeter. She would do that, then scratch her head with it, then click the pencil and a little orange, blegh, thing would come out…and into her mouth it went. Yuck, makes me sick thinking about it 20 years later.

Agh - at least I’m not eating this time.

As I read the OP, I made some kind of high-pitched OHEEEEEE! sound that I’ve never made before.

How do these people not know they have boogers and spit-wads hanging out?

During one particularly memorable ride on the bus, an old lady with a big scab and a band-aid on her face went to town with her finger up her nose. She pulled out one of the biggest wads of snot I’ve seen, and proceeded to wipe it from her finger using the back of the seat in front of her. Just right in the middle like a piece of gum.

I’m making that EEEEEEE! sound again.

Boogers from the Mothership! Run!

Ack! Ick! Yuck! bangs head on wall to drive away the icky image

Why would anyone do that? I’m all for saving the trees but that’s going too far.

Many people might not consider this gross but I have a low ick threshold:
I have an aunt who while chewing her food , you can CLEARLY see a blob of chewed food between her lips as she’s chewing. Part of the food is not in her mouth but between her lips! My cousins have asked her to stop doing that but she just ignores them and keeps doing it. She says she enjoys eating that way.

A Jamaican friend once described this phenomena; “white squall terrorize he mouth corner.” I don’t know if he was quoting someone else.

Once while I was temping, I was being driven to a jobsite by a co-worker who was a tobacco chewer. Every so often he would pick up an empty bottle of Snapple from his cupholder, and spit into it. It looked for all the world like he was drinking his spit when he did this.

I spent the whole ride staring at the scenery passing by my passenger side window. And trying not to throw up.

Did mucuss when this happened?

This thread makes me itch all over.