A very sad Quasimodo Sunday

It’s Quasimodo Sunday today, the end of the Octave of Easter. But there wasn’t much joy at mass this morning, with lots of tears among the congregation. Not only were people saddened by the death of the Pope, but there was an additional shock with the death of nine Australian army personnel in a helicopter accident in Indonesia. We certainly didn’t feel very joyous up in the choir loft, trying to keep the music going.

Sorry to hear about all that. You’re at St.Patrick’s, aren’t you? I think it was you who spoke of the crowded service on March 17th.

Death always seems to catch us by surprise, even though for JPII it was expected, and for soldiers it’s a job hazard. Doesn’t make it easier to bear.

May their souls rest in peace.

You have my condolences, Cunctator, as do the families of the soldiers killed in the accident.