A vision of Trump's funeral

So when Trump eventually dies, and has his nationally-broadcast state funeral like past presidents in the age of television, I imagine that it is going to be largely modeled on this.

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Man, I want to see that. OK, I don’t care enough to watch it myself, but I think all Americans alive today should have the opportunity to see Donald Trump’s funeral.

It will be the best funeral ever. All the other dead will be embarrassed. Especially the ones that voted for Hillary.

Watching Hillary’s (and the Clintons in general) slow political death will probably keep me laughing for years…even once the nukes start flying…

I was rather thinking it would look like this.

Oh, the Chicago voters! :smiley:

(I can’t stand Trump and voted for Hillary, but somebody was gonna say it.) :slight_smile:

…and there was much rejoicing.

My bet: https://youtu.be/tgd46QiHz4I?t=9s