A way to tell apart the 5-dollar hookers and undercover cops

During my sleep, I had this idea. In America, prostitution is illegal, and you can get arrested for it. Undercover cops usually disguise as hookers and as you pick them up on your car and pay them and show the intention to purchase for sex service, you get arrested.

I have a simple solution, though. Just pick up a hooker, and as she is in your car, ask her to reveal her intimate parts, such as the breasts, the butt, or the vulva. I mean, an undercover cop would most likely NOT be willing to do that, so you can immediately tell if she’s real or not. A hooker generally would not have a problem, especially if you offer to provide cash. Since you have not performed any sex yet, it is simply paying money to show someone’s body parts so it does not even count as prostitution. Once she’s done that you can be sure she’s not a cop and you can proceed to do whatever you want. Smart, huh? :smiley: What you think?

I think you try it first and let us know.

I’m anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of this experiment.

Since the OP is asking for opinions, let’s move this over to IMHO.

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This. Is. Simply. Brilliant.

Thinkin’ “outside the box”…That’s what this is. I’m quite certain no one has ever had this novel idea before. Quite.

On the cop shows I have seen where they’re busting people cruising for hookers, the undercover female officer never, ever gets in the car.

The “bust” happens as a result of whatever conversation takes place between the hooker-cruising car occupant, and the out-of-car undercover cop.

But if the only thing the guy says is “I’m not making any deals until you show me a boob” it might not get that far.

I’m almost positive we had a thread about this a few years back.

Have you ever even watched an episode of COPS?!?

They arrest guys who pick up a woman who says “hey wanna party?” it is shocking how easy it is to get sweeped up in these stings. Hey guys on the prowl for casual sex, be careful!

If the hooker is covered in herpes sores and swarming with crabs, she’s probably not a cop. Go nuts!

It’s the quality of the blowjob. If it’s really good, it’s an undercover cop. Those $5 hookers can only get $5 for a reason.

I have an opposite question.

On an episode of The Wire, Jimmy McNulty is sent in as client to incriminate prostitutes but ends up … well, satisfied, before the arrest protocol is satisfied. (“It wasn’t my fault; I was outnumbered; there were two of them.”)

Is this valid? Can hookers particularly skilled at quick service evade arrest this way?

Yeah I know. The creativity put into this plot has blown my mind. I am having a hard time believing that no one has ever thought of this before.

I think you sleep too much. After all, she could just be one of those fancy 10-dollar hookers.

Somehow I don’t picture you convincing a judge you had honest intents. "You honor I wasn’t looking to pick up a prostitute I was just hanging out in the red light district asking women to lift their skirts for me.

By all means try this plan out and use your one phone call to let us know the results.

You know, you guys are overpraising here. After all, there’s an even simpler solution – all you have to do is ask if she’s a cop, because everybody knows that cops are not allowed to lie.

You should probably praise me now for being clever enough to come up with that one. I didn’t even have to fall asleep to do it.

Duh! Cops can’t lie! If you ask what you suspect is an undercover cop “Are you police?”, and it turns out that they are in fact an undercover cop, they are legally required to then surrender their cover and answer truthfully. It’s a little-known legal loophole that only very smart people know! :wink: Undercover be damned!

Shoot! I’d better watch out. I just got asked this, and I answered: “Sure, I always want to party! I could even bring some salsa and sweet potato chips, which are like tortilla chips but with quite a bit more fiber.”

I would hope they give you a phone call and one internet posting, so I could keep you good people up to date.

Just get two of your wingmen to stage a phony mugging, and see if she intervenes or starts talking into her collar. If not, you’re in the clear!

Johns…johns have wingmen, right?

You guys fail to see their psychology. Female undercover cops disguising as hookers are usually rookie cops, total newbies. They only treat that job as a steping stone to better, more respectful roles. Therefore they have little motivation to reveal their body.

Moreover, because America is relatively sexually conservative in the Western world, if you reveal your body parts to a suspect, and he got arrested then your collegues would very likely to know that you got naked, this is BAD reputation for you, any female cop with a brain would not do that.

In conclusion, revealing body parts for an undercover cop is a big NO-NO. Even if she does it, she’s still damned in terms of social reputation etc. Therefore a female cop is very UNLIKELY to do that. And my technique is exactly intended to exploit this psychology.

Sounds like you’ve have a lot of experience with police work. Where do you intend to employ this clever technique?