A way to tell apart the 5-dollar hookers and undercover cops

Just in case you really are that clueless: everyone in this thread is mocking you.

And take video. They love that.

I have known a few hookers. In general, if a cop is pulling a sting, they’re arrested as soon as they get in the car. Cops will be more up front about the transaction than the average man, also. They tell me that they’ve almost never seen a sting involving a fake hooker targeting the johns. The other way around is much more common.

Pfffft. Pay no mind to the haters, griffon502. They are just jealous that they didn’t figure this out themselves.

Ok, ok, break this down for me (small minds, ya know?): what happens if you get a veteran police-officer who really has a hankering to whip 'em out? :eek: What then?? Ingenious plot backfire…

That’s why you pay them with a counterfeit $5 bill - if it’s not a cop, what are they gonna do? And if it is a cop, it’s not really soliciting because you weren’t really going to pay.

C’mon guys, use the psychology!

Tell the hooker a joke. If her smile reveals any indication of teeth, she’s a cop.

I don’t thing I’ve ever seen a $5.00 hooker. But I’m old and not up on prices for hookers or dope and any of that stuff.

A $5 hooker? Who do think I am, that young Mr. Rockerfeller?

Now a five dollar milkshake? Yumm!

I take it that grude has never watched an episode of COPS, because in the numerous hooker sting episodes I’ve seen over the years, they’ve never shown one where the john gets busted for simply going with a woman who wants to “party”. There’s always a discussion of money for sex.

That’s not to say that undercover officers are universally rigorous about these matters, but when the COPS cameras are on, that’s always what triggers the arrest.

A suggestion for the OP - make sure the “hooker” actually commits a sex act with you before you agree to the transaction - that’ll assure you she’s not a police officer. :slight_smile:

Au contraire, he is most certainly thinking “inside the box”. Absolutely by definition.

I have a better idea. Offer her a hit off your crack pipe. If she takes it, she’s a real hooker and you can ask for sex. If she declines, she’s a cop. It’s foolproof!

Just pictured Travolta saying ‘Goddamn, that’s a pretty fuckin’ good blowjob!’

Oddly, there were no male masseuses in the picture.

And if she’s wearing pasties with gold tassels, admiralty law applies and you can’t be arrested.

I’m thinking you won’t get any real pros in your car without discussing business first. They gotta earn a living.

Back a while when some bright-bulb started saying “Just ask them to nude model first!” the consensus was that most prostitutes would roll their eyes and tell you to take a hike than waste their time jumping through hoops for a potential score. There’s always another guy after you who won’t make ridiculous requests and let them get right to business.

What they dont show on COPS is the stings that never happen, because the hooker/john recognizes something is up. Also, I never heard of an undercover asian massage parlor worker (maybe too much work? I assume their hooking is an upsell to the massage you are giving them.)

Can you then sue them for false advertisement? Or are they obligated to deliver the product they had promised?

Cracked has done some field research on this question.

http:/ /www.cracked.com/blog/its-surprisingly-easy-to-accidentally-pick-up-prostitute/ (Link munged because possibly NSFW)

In case anyone is dumb enough to believe anything they have read in this thread, here’s a link to the thread from a guy who picked up street hookers and explained how he avoided arrest:

Ask the guy who used to frequent hookers!

In short:

Do not discuss money or services until she is in the car. If she won’t get in the car, drive away. Cops will not get in your car.

Do not ask her if she is a cop. A cop doesn’t have to answer honestly.

Even if you get caught with a hooker in your car, the cops won’t arrest you unless they have evidence that you solicited sex for payment or that you gave the hooker money or drugs or some other form of payment. If they have no evidence there’s no point arresting you.