A weird problem with CNN Video

Frequently when I go to watch a video clip on CNN Video, I only hear the background sounds. Through the entire edited clip. No voice-over narration at all.

It is as though the voice-over were on the left-channel and the background mix was on the right channel. This, despite the fact that the background-only stuff does come out of both speakers.

I only get this on CNN Video. Anyone else experience this? I am on Mac OS-X 10.4, on DSL. I can’t find a Safari “preferences” choice that addresses audio.

Thoughts? Fixes?

I’m on a Mac and I’ve traditionally always had problems with CNN Video. Although it’s not what you’re describing. It used to be that the pre-video commercial would play correctly, but the main video would never load. Then recently they converted to Flash and it seems to be more reliable (although CNN is still the only website I go to where the audio breaks up occasionally). Seems like all of the audio is there though.

Can you hear the narration on the $800 wedding dress video?

CNN video stutters so badly that I don’t even bother with it any more.

Why can’t some of these sites take a lesson from YouTube, whose videos manage to play perfectly and consistently, even on my 6-year-old Mac? Most of the video problems I’ve seen over the years happen when the designers decide that videos need to be displayed in a popup window, apparently embedded in a bunch of JavaScript.

Videos, especially Flash videos, also seem to play much better when they’re not surrounded by a bunch of Flash-based advertisements on the same page.

I had no problem seeing that CNN video, but then I’m using a two-month-old Mac on a 7 megabit-per-second connection.

<-----laughing. Yeah, I could hear that narration just fine, thank you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I like that gal a lot. She’s got spunk. I like spunk. I bet her husband thought it was hilarious. ( If he didn’t, he married the wrong gal. )