Is anyone else having problems with (loading, not ideology)

When I visit, the page loads as expected. However, once I click on an article, the site becomes useless. The article I have selected loads, then reloads and reloads and reloads continuously without end. When I use the back button to go back to the homepage, the homepage goes into a reloading loop. This has rendered the site unusable.

Anyone else have this problem? I use Chrome version 101 on Windows 11.

Could not reproduce on Microsoft Edge 101 on Windows 10.

Working fine here. Windows 10, Firefox.

Have you cleared your cache and cookies and restarted your browser?

Works fine for me. Firefox, Windows 10.

No problems here, on an iMac, MacOS 11.5.2.

I have had that exact same issue. Same version of Chrome, although a windows 10 build (PC doesn’t quite meet the 11 requirements).

The issue is intermittent, but I’ve been able to narrow down the cause: some of the images on CNN get stuck in a loop of load and then reload, which then causes the whole page to reload. If it’s an article I want to read that isn’t somewhere else, I have (in the second or so before the image and the page reloads) used Adblock to block that specific element, and boom, no issue.

Now, what it is about the image that causes the reload loop, I haven’t been able to determine. And since it’ll go a week or so without happening, and then happen on every page for 3 days, shrug.

CNN videos sometimes stop to load on Win 11 Dell laptop, although the rest of CNN loads without trouble.