A wiki-stalker. Charming.

Must be nice to have so little to do with your life that you have time to semi-abuse your power as a Wikipedia admin to stalk another user. I made the cardinal mistake of editing one of the jerk’s pet pages in a way he didn’t like. Now he’s wandering from one article of mine to the next, making pissy little pointless edits and tagging them with ridiculous shit.

Is this common? Are Wikipedia admins known for that sort of petty shit?

This is exactly why, while it can be a useful place to start, I do not consider Wiki to be an unending fount of knowledge.

Have you noticed the autoblock system targeting you more often than usual?

Somebody edits that stuff?

Hmmm…I thought Wikipedia was written by God.

Now I see it’s written by God, Otto, and some Wiki Stalker.

Who knew?

In any group there are going to be some people who are obsessive fanatics. And unfortunately, you’ll usually find them at the heart of the group because that’s where the true believers want to be.

I don’t know what the autoblock system is. So far I haven’t been blocked from making any edits or creating articles. It’s just that when I do my stalker shows up within hours to revert the edit if he doesn’t like it (not because it’s factually inaccurate but because he doesn’t like it) or tag it with garbage.

Instead of complaining here, contact the Wikipedia staff directly. :wink:
Please see this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Resolving_disputes
Are you sure it is an Admin and not just another editor?
I edit very little anymore on wiki, the community has gotten large enough that I have little to add. When the article count was still around 200,000 I did a lot of small edits to older Sci-Fi and Baseball articles. I got into an edit war with a Redsox fan and I reported the edit war with links to the facts and they slapped down the Redsox fan. They only know about what gets reported. They are well over 1,000,000 articles now. In fact 1,211,973 currently.


The autoblock system battles vandalism by blocking IP addresses. It’s not terribly precise; a lot of users who didn’t do anything wrong wind up blocked as well. It happens a lot to AOL users. I figured a vengeful admin might sic the software on you.

I’ll respect the protocol of not ID’ing yourself on one board from another, so can you link to any other examples not involving you that will show what you mean with the editing? I’m a very casual user of Wiki. As in, I use it when it’s in a link.

I get the concept of Wiki, but I’d have a better chance of finding my own womb before finding the time to figure out how to edit or post to it. For a site that seems to be tring to be the be-all-end-all of internet knowledge to the masses, it seems that an Admin pulling petty shit really sets them back. At least in my eyes.

It’s not unheard of. With 900+ admins, we necessarily have a few bad apples. Please feel free to contact me about this, either by email or on the wiki.

I appreciate the offer, but unfortunately he hasn’t yet done anything so egregious that it can’t be explained away as normal admin stuff. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he shows up within hours at every article I write or edit.

Then may I humbly suggest that you not go whining about being wikistalked if you’re not willing to put forth the specifics, at least in private?