A woman who likes younger men is a cougar- what's a younger man who likes older women?

Is there a specific term? I’m not talking about gigolos or hustlers or “dudes with mommy issues” but men who are legitimately attracted to women older than they are.

Ashton Kutcher.

A younger man who is with an older woman is called a cub. I don’t know that there is a term for a young man who is attracted to older women.

A bastard or the opposite of a bastard? It’s so rare that it doesn’t need a name yet, young men are not that picky as far as which age the woman is.

A grave robber.

A granny-grabber?

An Elk?

Cougar tamer.

This is my theory. The theory that is mine, by me.

That’s some grade A funny there boy, I tell you what!

Don’t know if it applies to the real world, but TV Tropes calls them Cake Eaters.

A motherfucker.


But that’s because it calls older single women Christmas Cake. And older means over 25, as its an anime trope.

As funny as they may seem. Melon’s and Mala’s suggestions are actually pretty accurate.

TV Tropes, in my experience, is largely comprised of stuff someone made up and is hoping will become a common expression because he put it on TV Tropes.

Us older women call them boy toys.

A MILF Hunter.

A Muffin.

I like it.

since cougars have cubs then the obvious name for a young man looking for an older woman would be cub scout.