A word of thanks to Dolores Reborn

I don’t hang out in the Game Room all that much. I participate in a Feud once a week or so, and another game here and there. But whenever I step in, Dolores seems to be doing a lot of work to make the Game Room a cool place. From running the Daily Feuds to dropping into the “Movie Title” game to keep an updated, alphabetized list of the previous entries, she does a lot to keep things running. I gather that scoring the Feuds alone is quite a pain in the neck.

So, just a word in honor of Dolores Reborn’s apparently unlimited kindness and patience:


Yes indeed.

Thanks a Million. :slight_smile:

Yay Dolores!

Is there such a thing as limited mod powers? It would be great if she could mark thread titles “game closed” herself, or mention in the OP where the scores are after posing them.

**Dolores **- you rock!

Thank you ever so much for brighting up my day with the Feuds!

I appreciate the work but she makes me in the 30 to 35 place nearly every game. There must be a flaw in the score keeping system. I can think of no other explanation.

She is sweet-tempered and funny too.

I’d like to sing praise for her patience, as well. For example, people continue to put formatting in their answers which make the already tedious scoring process even more difficult. But where I would be spewing invective, denigrating their ability to read instructions for comprehension and penalizing the bajeebers out of them on their score, **Dolores **continues to just chide them gently (and, I’m certain she gets better results than I would).

And some of the quibbling over scoring matters - particularly when there’s all of 2 points at stake - **Dolores **takes the input graciously and rescores the whole dang thing…sometimes repeatedly. I’d have told 'em all to go pound sand.

So, add my thanks to the chorus.

Same here. That’s gotta be a huge amount of work, and I’m eternally grateful, 'cos I do love me some Feud.

I couldn’t do what she does. Of course, I’m a heartless bitch.

Go Dolores!

I also appreciate all the work Dolores does running the Feuds.

Any chance she could get her title changed from “Charter Member” to something like “Queen of the Feuds”?

Another cheer for Dolores from the peanut gallery!

She’s amazing, and I love the idea of a special title to represent that. Baroness de Feud? Game Dame?

I can’t think of a person who’s hard work does more to brighten my day every day. Thanks.

Let me add my voice to the well-deserved adulation for Ms. Reborn ! I doubt I’d have the patience to do what she does. You go, girl!

If you’re ever in Vegas, consider yourself treated to dinner with the Mrs. and me.

Excellent idea! I started a thread in ATMB to see if that would be possible.


You’re doing a wonderful thing!

Here, here! Thanks, Dolores Reborn! These feud games are wonderful.

Dolores, you are indeed making this place even more enjoyable than usual. Thank you!

Thanks Dolores. If I send money can I score higher?

Wow! I don’t know what to say! I’m sitting here grinning from ear to ear. I hope nobody walks in my cube and asks me why! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you. I don’t need a special title! I like to run the Feuds. And y’all are what makes it so much fun for me, anyway. I can’t do it if y’all don’t play!

I’m blushing, for Og’s sake.