A Word Puzzle

I made a little word puzzle. Since I’m not very good at this sort of thing it might not be very good but I don’t know what else to do with it so I’ll post it here:

Determine the word that goes in the blank. I can’t say for sure that what I typed is spelled correctly because I sounded it out phonetically. But I am sure of the spelling of the answer.

How is who
Who is we
We is why
Why is _____

Can I ask if it’s related to German somehow?

I can neither confirm nor deny this. :slight_smile:

OK. In an attempt to move things along I’ll answer snoe’s question as no, but you’re getting warmer.

Alright, one other thing. I wish I had wrote the description of the puzzle differently but it was all I could think of.

The part about the spelling is not because I’m a lazy idiot but is actually part of the puzzle. But if I admit that, then it kinda becomes too easy (I think).



That’s not it.


Well, if it rhymes, the answer would be:


I had a feeling this might not work real well but I was so excited at coming up with this little thing. Maybe I should have started a thread asking for help in making a word puzzle out of the stuff I came up with.

I don’t want to give up yet… I’m pretty sure that if someone with the right kind of knowledge comes across this they will get it pretty easily. that’s why I thought the SDMB would be a good place for it.

I’ll try to give more hints.

One thing is: some of the words in the puzzle are phonetic representations of other actual words. They are homonyms. That’s why I wrote about the spelling possibly being incorrect.
ETA: also, you can think of “is” as an equal sign.

Acronym route: how = hau; who = hoo; we = oui, wee; why = y, wi

Based on absolutely nothing, is the answer woe?


I meant homonyms before but now that I think about it, are these words acronyms or abbreviations?


Hint: the answer is a foreign (non-English) word.

More clues!!!

The column of words on the left are English (how, who, we, why), the column on the right (who, we, why,) are a single different language but spelled phonetically in English as homonyms of the foreign words.

The answer is in that same non-English language and does not have an English homonym.

is the non-English language French? Spanish? German? Italian? Greek? Portuguese?

well, that would maybe be too much information. i guess i hoped that someone could figure that out by the way the words sound.

“who”, “we”, and “why” are homonyms of three different words in one language that is not English.

i guess i have botched this whole thing. but if i say the language that would make it too easy.

If this requires any degree of fluency in another language beyond the speaking ability of a three-year old, I’ll never get it. “We” could be the French word “oui,” but I haven’t a clue for the other two words.

Yes, I’d ask OP if the puzzle can be solved by someone unfamiliar with his target foreign language. If it requires knowledge of a language other than English, French or Thai, leave me out.

The /hw/ sound in ‘why’ is fairly uncommon in non-English languages, I think. Is that a clue? If ‘why’ is pronounced /wai:/ instead of /hwai:/, then Thai has common words for each homonym ‘who,’ ‘we,’ ‘why,’ but I don’t see the connection among them. (And strongly doubt the puzzle is intended just for Thai speakers!)

My guess is that the language is Chinese or Japanese, but I don’t know enough about either language to guess the actual answer.