A “X-Mas Dinner to Remember” or “Yes, this really happened to us.”

I still can’t believe this happened. Here’s my summary:

(1) Pot, cleverly hidden away in an empty rosemary jar and forgotten in the back of the spice cupboard.
(2) Innocent Indian girlfriend comes to visit boyfriend and family for X-mas, prepares rosemary potatoes for dinner for boyfriend and his mother, who is recovering from breast cancer. Uses liberal amounts of said rosemary.
(3) Large quantity of pot sautéed in olive oil and consumed orally with potatoes and garlic proves to be powerful hallucinogen.
(4) Indian girlfriend alternates between laughing hysterically, sobbing uncontrollably, and asking whoever is closest if she looks fat. Mother performs striking impersonation of Borlis Karloff before weeping and projectile vomiting on floor.
(5) Boyfriend, whose insatiable gluttony resulted in him consuming startling amounts of rosemary potatoes, visually hallucinates and becomes convinced they either (a) are being poisoned by carbon monoxide and MUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW, or (b) have already suffered fatal wounds from an unknown source and are in the midst of pre-death hallucinations (see Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge), before concluding that** ©** the very fabric of space and time is being ripped apart (most likely due to activities of the Hadron Super Collider). Each hypothesis is believed with full certainty and acted on accordingly.

What a Christmas.

Pot doesn’t do what #5 describes does it? You don’t hallucinate from a marijuana high whether visually or auditorily do you?

I’m a long time user of said substance. While I’ve never had visual hallucinations to the degree you might experience on hallucinogens, I did have severe auditory hallucinations the first time I tried pot. I’ve also experienced instricate kaleidoscopic closed eye visuals and severe distortions of reality. I’ve never imbibed such a large quantity of marijuana at once, so I can’t attest to the veracity of this story, but it seems plausible - especially if the boyfriend was “inexperienced”.

Sounds like one heck of an experience. It reminds me of the scene in Grandma’s Boy, where the grandmother and her roommates mistakenly brewed “pot tea” (which by the way, does not work. Pot is fat soluble, but not water soluble).

I never thought it did. But then, I had always smoked it and never eaten it. And she used nearly an entire spice bottle of “rosemary.” The visuals were subtle. My girlfriend gagged at one point and I actually saw vomit come out even though apparently that didn’t happen.

I have since read some accounts of others who have had similar experiences.

Yeah, I smoke very infrequently. Maybe every year or two. And I ate damn near the whole dish of potatoes. Good god. My mind is still fuzzy.

I have “heard” that orally ingesting a large amount of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is strongly!!! psycoactive, and an entirely different animal than just smoking a few (or even more than a few) reefers…

I was “told” this in the Netherlands, where such activity is perfectly legal and socially sanctioned.

PS—misterW, Merry Christmas!!!

Yeah ok, that’s a fair point that ingesting THC can/does have different effects than smoking it. I only ever really hear of people smoking it so that’s what I was going off of.

So this leads me to a new question, if ingesting it is so much more powerful, why is it not a more popular method? Or is it a popular method and I’m only getting biased accounts from my friends that only ever smoke it and almost never eat it?

Anyone who is familiar with both rosemary and pot is :rolleyes: at this post.

God, I wish that had happened at my Christmas instead of my usual quiet seething.

Well, …uh, none of my friends… has ever …uh, reported seeing… anything on the order of pink elephants or other completely factitious sights, but …they… have experienced intense distortions of vision, such as the room growing to immense size or severe disruption in the ability to interpret reality or react appropriately. I can especially believe point 5© above.

Someone should tell her that, even if it had been real rosemary, that’s way too much.

Are your mom and girlfriend still speaking to you? How is your mom doing recovery wise? Why O why didnt you share with your mom during her recovery?

ZOMG Reefer Madness!

I can only imagine how terrible something like that would taste. I heard a rumor that weed brownies reportedly taste “terrible” and can be hard to choke down, much less something that strong tasting in a bland food like potatoes. Fascinating.

What does “acted on accordingly” mean in this situation?

I do a fair amount of baking.

On the one hand, it’s a fairly different experience and frequently extraordinarily intense. If you’ve only smoked, go to Amsterdam where it’s legal and experience something different. Be prepared for a longer, slightly more physical sensation, though with a heavy amount of cerebral fun. (Typically; YMMV.)

On the other hand, the quantities needed for such experiences are relatively absurd when compared to the amount of rosemary normally cooked with.

Is the girlfriend “innocent” because she normally rides the short bus? Had it not been pot but actual rosemary, would she have blindly added that much to the recipe? Did she add more and more because it still didn’t taste like rosemary? Didn’t anyone at the table notice that rather funky (heh) taste of the potatoes? (Pot is not a cooking spice – though I’d love to see it show up in Pensey’s catalog!)

Something is definitely missing here. Did you slip everyone a roofie and try and blame it on the girlfriend? :dubious:

Well, you would think – little flat needles vs. bushy buds. That’s why I wasn’t too worried about keeping it in with the spices. But, as improbable as it sounds, it happened. Apparently, she noticed that it looked strange, smelled it, didn’t think it smelled particularly off, double checked (by looking at the container that it was in) that it was indeed rosemary, then went with it.

In her defense, (1) she had no experience with pot, and (2) it actually DIDN’T taste too bad!

She wouldn’t of, had it been real rosemary. Real rosemary packs in much tighter than the pot buds were packed in there. She wouldn’t have needed to add the entire contents (wasn’t quite full).

Well, this was the first time I had eaten it, and the quantity I consumed doesn’t make for a fair comparison between smoking and eating, but I didn’t like it. I felt really confused, and extremely paranoid. Granted, some of that is the result of the situation I was in, but it was definitely not a high that I would seek out. I would suddenly be aware that I was in one place in the house in mid conversation and have no idea how I had gotten there or what I had been talking about. It was very hard to think. Was I awake, was I dreaming, had I been poisoned, was I dying?

Rosemary does not compress easily, pot does. A large frying pan with other stuff in it…I don’t know, see for yourself, if you don’t believe me. Also keep in mind that none of us smokes on a regular basis.

Innocent as in having no direct experience with cannabis. My girlfriend is an excellent cook. She doesn’t use recipes for most part; she goes by appearance, taste, smell. All I can say is that nobody noticed anything unusual with the potatoes while eating them.

Class on your part?

Yeah, they had less than me, and were pretty much back to normal in a few hours. My mom has done quite a bit of things in her day, so it wasn’t as shocking for her as it might have been for others, although the combination of pot and her medication made her feel pretty sick. My girlfriend and I have been laughing about it all day. Now that we’re through it, it makes for quite a story. I still can’t believe it actually happened.