I’ve got ten little girls here at my house for a sleepover party.

They’re screaming, screaching, yelling, squeeling and giggling.

I’ve painted 200 finger and toenails, curled 10 heads of hair and spent hours doing everyone’s make-up.

They are eating me out of house and home !

Someone come and rescue me before I go insane ! :eek:

Too late. You were insane to agree to this in the first place. :wink:

Have fun!

Remember to freeze the bra of the first girl who falls asleep!

What, they’re too young for bras? Okay, okay…then <giggle> put her hand in a <tee hee!> cup of warm water <giggle giggle> and make her PEE HER PANTS!*


*[sub]Yes, I know this is urban legend. But I didn’t as a 12yro…[/sub]

Ruffian, you’re obviously not a parent/homeowner. One does not encourage random urination in one’s own house.

Dragongirl, you have my deepest sympathies. I have a ten year old girl and nine year old twins (boy/girl) all born in August: eek: I’ll see your nail painting and raise you my reading aloud. Did you know that it’s possible to get through both The Sorcerer’s Stone and half of The Chamber of Secrets before eight little girls fall asleep? I thought my larynx was going to fall out.

Relax. To your daughter, right now you’re a star. I bet you always will be.

Ya know, Johnathan Swift wrote a book, called A Modest Proposal, that has a good solution to your problem.

Are you any good at stews? Casseroles? :slight_smile:

Teeheeheeheehee. I remember that. Course I still have those big sleepovers, but my mom just has to provide lots of food. Thinking back on it I feel deepy sorry for you! Just take a tylonal and get a good’s night sleep. You will need it tomorrow morning.

If you define “always” as “four more years, if you’re lucky,” then you’re probably right.

So, it’s 6 o’clock in the a. of m. Are they awake yet? Scarfing the leftover pizza and Pop-Tarts? Giggling over the cartoons?

And yeah, you’re prolly a hero(ine) to your daughter. I never had any sleep-overs (no room in the house), but went on plenty of them in my day. Unfortunately, I was always the first one asleep (never had the hand in the bucket pulled on me) and the first one awake (body clock - always got up at 5am). Really sucks just lying there with noone else awake, trying to be really quiet. Got to the point I’d always bring a book so I’d have something to do while waiting for everyone else to achieve consciousness.

The really cool mom would leave a stack of cereal bowls, spoons, and a supply of small cereal (those mini-boxes) so we could at least eat something early in the morning. THAT was a cool mom.

Ah! She’s that age already. Welcome to the club! :smiley: (father of an almost-12-YO checking in).

I just can’t wait for the twins to turn 10… :eek:

Enjoy being helpful while she lets you… 'cause I have already discovered that these days are short numbered! Now, all I have to do is give her enough money to dial out for the pizzas and cokes (from her own line in her room)… and make sure she remembers our customer ID at the video rental. And make sure she keeps the bloody door closed so we can go to sleep!

(In other words, you have my deepest sympathy)


Congratulations on your initiation into the “Cool Parent at Cost of Sanity” club.

Your extra-large bottle of Tylenol, a bottle of good wine, and a multipack of earplugs are waiting for you at the back table.

Two years ago LilMiss had a huge sleepover birthday party- I believe (like you) I posted in the midst of my insanity. I don’t remember that night very well. I vaguely remember to threaten to call parents around 4am. Last year it was only 5 girls, but I outschemed them. Midnight laser bowling followed by treats at Perkins. It’s odd- forcing them to stay awake makes them very tired. This year we’re doing late night snow tubing. :smiley:

dragongirl, know that we feel your pain. Know that next year (if this is a birthday do) you invite a few less girls.

Hope you have a quiet balance of your weekend!