Aaaah, aah, aah ah; Eeeee, ee, ee, ee <-- WTF *is* this, on radio??

Is the station on line?

Can we listen to the original?

If you remember the station/time, check it out at

Beats hell out of me.

OK, looks like the easiest thing to do is ask the receptionist what station she’s tuned to, then call them and ask the DJ what the hell it is that they keep playing.

Now more than ever I’m convinced it’s some kind of DJ schtick and therefor probably unique to this radio station. Because you folks don’t usually fail me on this kind of query :mad:

I think I have an idea - could it be Lucky Star by Basement Jaxx featuring Dizzee Rascal?

Drumscape - check.
Fast ragga rapper - check.
Female Islamic wailing - check.

Unfortunately there’s no preview available over at Amazon.

You sure it’s not Bjork or Yoko Ono?

I think there’s a clue in those first 4 notes – it’s “a gag” – but whose gag?AHunter3’s on us?

Cute, but no, I’m not having you on.

Black Eyed Peas’ “Hey Mama?” It has the Caribbean rap, heavy beat, and the wailing girl.

I have no idea what it is, but I found a clip of Lucky Star by Basement Jaxx, the song jjimm suggested, here (you have to page down a bit, then pick song 4, Lucky Star.) A clip of Astra’s suggestion, the Black Eyed Peas’ Hey Mama is here.

I was thinking of the song(no idea of the title, sorry), that has an Indian sounding chant with the Knight Rider beat playing under it. Could that be it?

Could this post be more unhelpful?

I believe that is Shake Ya Tailfeather. Featuring P. Diddy, Nelly and some other guys.

GilaB is being helpful:

Thanks. Nope, and nope.

Breezy and diku lead me to search for a clip or a MIDI of “Shake Ya Tailfeather”, haven’t found it yet.

Sure it’s not “Punjabi MC - Mudian To Bach Ke” ?

That’s the name of the knight rider/bangla tune… :slight_smile:

I was thinking of the song that Willander mentioned. Possibly it?

Sorry, been tied up with other stuff.

a) It isn’t the Tailfeather thing. Not even close.

b) Willander suggests “Punjabi MC - Mudian To Bach Ke”; can’t find it on iTunes or anywhere else as of yet.

Check out the perfect pitch on AHunter3! I don’t have anything constructive to add to this discussion except that I very much admire your musical ability.

The Punjabi MC song plays in the background on this page (but only seems to work in IE).

I dunno but reading the post title, the first thing I thought of was Mr. Wendall by Arrested Development.

That might be because the song has been in my head for days now.

The only songs I can think of that would be on the top 40 charts as far as main stream music would be Kylie Minogues song that has Ooh aaah ooo in it repeatedly and the Black Eye Peas song where the girl is singing aaah eee, hey mama.

Willander was kind enough to send me the “Punjabi MC - Mudian To Bach Ke” to listen to.

That’s not it either.

I think what I should probably do is ask the receptionist what station she’s tuned to, and then I’ll call the radio station and ask the DJs.

cherry, the “Hey Mama” song has already been tried and that’s not it. The Kylie Minogue isn’t likely (no “oooohs”, strictly alternating “aaaaahs” and “eeeeees”). Aside from which the vocalist is male (I never specified that, did I?)