Aaaah, aah, aah ah; Eeeee, ee, ee, ee <-- WTF *is* this, on radio??

For some reason, when you mentioned that the vocalist was male, it made the think - could it be Sting’s Desert Rose? It’s often found on Top 40 stations, I think. Seems unlikely to be mistaken for System of a Down, but your MIDI might match a remix version.


This is a long shot, but it’s not part of John Mayer’s “Clarity,” is it?

The radio station the receptionist tunes to is New York’s FM 105.1 “Jammin’ 105”. I called them and they referred me to their request line to identify the song but I have not gotten through successfully.

Whatever it is, it has occupied a high rank in their song rotation for several weeks now. This thing is getting more airplay than “Hotel California” gets on the classic rock stations.

Any suggestions which are not of something fairly hot and current are probably off base.

I Googled “Jammin 105” and radio, and found this website. They identify themselves as “Power 105.1” not “Jammin 105”, but it looks like they are in New York, so it may be a match.

Anyway, in their top 30 playlist, there’s a song called “Ay Ay Ay” by Tony Touch. I’ve never heard it, but from the title it could be the one you’re looking for.

Thanks for the tip. I’m looking for an MP3 clip (or MIDI or whatever) to verify or discount that one. iTunes doesn’t have it (figures).

Heard a similar song today, but don’t think it’s the same one.

Sounds like Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400 (often just known as the Ohhh Song or something similar).

It’s popular because it’s used at sporting events, for which it is ideal because it’s catchy and easy to get the whole crowd chanting along. It sounds awesome when they do.

Did you do a Google search for “aaaaaah” and “eeeee”?

Is it the new Train song? When I’m at my desk, I can only hear certain parts of songs on the radio since it’s about 30 feet away from me. If there’s a repeating part in the chorus (like in this song), that’s usually all I can hear.
Here it is, all cued up.

This thread is an amusing insight into the days before Youtube, Spotify etc. Searching for MIDI files of songs. :slight_smile: 2004 wasn’t that long ago in many ways, but in others…

zombie or no

AHunter3 did you ever find it?

Yep. Came here to say. See you at the Great Minds meeting.

I was about to respond with “You should get Soundhound on your phone.”

Ha, exactly what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

For anyone about to post guesses as to what the song might be, please note this thread is from 2004 so, barring a time-traveling DJ, AHunter3 is not describing anything released within the past eight years.

Thanks, I had been reading this unaware it was a zombie and wondering about all the midi files being linked to and so forth. It makes way more sense now.

I didn’t notice the date, obviously it’s not the Train song I suggested that came out 8 years after the OP.

Man, I hope it’s that. A zombie thread that turns out to be about song from a band called Zombie Nation? Classic.

Ah rats, I was hoping it might turn out to be this song. :smiley:

Second post, I thought: “Why the hell doesn’t he just link to YouTube?”; then the third post, mentioning (let alone linking to) a midi file, I realized I was dealing with something from bygone days…

No idea who is singing, but it reminds me of a folk song I heard as a child, probably in the sixties.

Ah ah ah ee ee ee
Little brown jug how I love thee!