Aaaah, aah, aah ah; Eeeee, ee, ee, ee <-- WTF *is* this, on radio??

Now I’m intrigued to know if this ever got answered!

Thanks, but unless Train was using a time machine to deluge the top 40 stations in 2004 with their 2012 vintage music, … goes and listens anyway nope, not it.

Nope. And interestingly enough, I was just thinking about this a month ago or so! I’m writing an autobio and I got to 2004 in June.

It’s funny how unanswered questions tend to continue to annoy. I haven’t heard it in all these intervening years so I think it was indeed some DJ shtick or some similar thing cobbled together for that radio station alone.

Of course admittedly I don’t spend much time listening to top 40 music, nor do top 40 stations tend to play lots of golden oldies, do they?

OK… as folks point out, we’ve got YouTube now.

Here you go, such as it is:

That was…interesting.

It does sound a little familiar. Let me cogitate upon it for awhile.

Okay…I’ve got it now. Its “Hocus Focus” by Focus.

You’re welcome.

Sorry I don’t have a link.

Would a Top 40/pop station in 2004 be playing that 10-12 times a day?

I, too, didn’t realise this was a zombie while reading - I just kept wondering why nobody had yet replied with “Rio by Duran Duran”… :smack:

(finds it on YouTube). That’s quite nice, and trippy.

Nope, not it.

Except for the quick bits, it sounds like Seven Nation Army.

It’s a dancehall song. I know that much for a fact. Now, it will haunt me until I think of it.

I am certain that it is a dancehall song, but I’m not certain if that melody you sang is a part of the riddim or a part of the lyrics. If it is part of the riddim then there are lots of songs with that exact same music. If it is part of the lyrics, then it can only be one song. I am going to figure this one out.

Gal you a lead!

You aren’t hearing, Aaah Eeeh. You are hearing 'gallllll" you a “leeeeead”.

Dude! That must be it! Awesome job, internet!

I crack up when I listen to AHunter3 sing it. I crack up, because he is committed. He is letting his voice swell and build to a crescendo, and he isn’t just phoning it in at all. He could totally just give us the gist of it without putting his diaphragm into it, but nope. He is all in.

I am not sure if they are saying ‘gal’ or ‘gone’. I know the name of the song is ‘gal yuh a lead’ but it sounds as if he says, “Gooonnnnneee” and then “Leeeaaddddd”.

Pretty sure he is saying “gal you a gone. Gal you a lead”. Basically that she is number one, first place.

I had never heard of this song before, but I think **Nzinga **must be right. Not only does it sound like AHunter3’s song, Wikipedia confirms that it was a modest hit in the US in 2004 – it made the Hot 100, and was within the top 40 on the US rap and R&B charts.

That’s totally it.

:stuck_out_tongue: giggle

That must have plaid a bunch of times for you to still be that close today, man.

And, now I can’t help but hear your posts in your voice, which was not the voice I expected after seeing your pic. It’s cool, though.

I love this from beginning to end. The original mystery, the WTF aspect of figuring out why everyone is linking MIDI files instead of just going to YouTube, the disappointment of finding that it is a zombie thread and therefore the OP won’t remember anything about this song at all, followed by, BAM! OP does remember the song and even sings the song on YouTube. And then the mystery is solved! 8 years later!

Some days, this message board delivers.

It does that. It sure does.