Aargh! Microsoft [Lame Rant]

Aargh!!, MS is really starting to get on my nerves now, having just re-installed XP-pro I have found that I shouldn’t have bothered…
First annoyance - the updates, there’s 48MB of them and I’m on a dial-up. Oh joy it’s going to be a fun weekend for me, if I bother installing them at all.
Second annoyance - everything is STILL in American (US English), even though on every screen I changed it to UK English :mad: . So now I have to go to my ‘favorites’ and open ‘programs’, that may not seem much of an issue but when notice it every time you click on a link, it gets tiresome.

Stupid question, you said reinstall XP, where did you get the updates the first time?

Any friends with broadband and a cd burner?

I assume you’d prefer “favourites,” but what do y’all call “programs” over there?

“programmes”, I think…

I don’t think “Favorites” or “Programs” ever changes spelling. It certainly hasn’t on any of my PCs that I’ve notices.

It’s like the “color” attribute in HTML. You just have to put up with the American imperialism :wink:

Computer programs are still called ‘programs’ in UK English, as opposed to entertainment ‘programmes’ .

I suppose an alternative would be to install an English-made OS on your computer…