Aaron Spelling has died

Legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling died following a stroke. He was 83.

He had a good idea of what a lot of people wanted to watch on TV. I didn’t like a lot of his later stuff, but I have to shamefully admit that as a Kid, I really enjoyed Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, and other stuff. Like the article said, critics may not like his stuff, but a lot of TV viewers apparantly did. And that’s what makes for TV power, getting watched by the millions.

I forgot he was the creator of The Mod Squad. I liked that one a lot and I am not ashamed at all of that like. An interesting quote form the linked article about that:

Can’t stand that kid of his, tho. But, that’s not this thread, is it?
Powerful guy, now is gone, R.I.P., mister.

Not a bad way to go: several days after a stroke, at home, with family at 83, still on top of his game (whatever one might think of his game). At least he didn’t linger, paralyzed or demented, for years after the stroke . . .

Then explain allowing 7th Heaven to stay in production for 10 years.

I like this line from Spelling mentioned in his obituary:

Trivia: He actually died in the kitschy Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Room as the Danish postmodern Stroke Recovery Room of his house was being redecorated in New Rococo.

How will Tori ever get work, now?

Well, she did have that recent “reality” show – which succeeded in pissing off her mother royally. She was on the outs with both her folks, but apparently got a chance to reconcile with her dad before his death.

Since she is loaded now*, I don’t think she needs to worry about work. However, she is reportedly working right now in the production of Cthulhu; I guess that after being eaten first, work will be the least of her problems.

  • Just kidding Tori, you have my condolences.

Got cancelled, did he?

How will Randy ever get work, now? Tori, at least, has some momentum.

I wondered who they would cast to play Cthulhu. Glue a couple squid legs on that horse face of hers and you’ll have the stuff of nightmares.

Remind me not to see that movie. I think I’ll be too scared.
As for Aaron, do you suppose 90210 and Love Boat are good or bad for your Karma?

Is it just me, or can you imagine Aaron Spelling entering a heaven that is just like that depicted in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, with its emcee with a cheese-eating grin, a double row of topless angels doing a 70’s-style production number, and so on?

I read his obituary in today’s Trib and realized that I had never watched a single one of his many, many crappy shows. And I get the feeling that I didn’t miss much.

I will give him a pass just for co-producing Honey West.

My apologies to his family and to Dorothy Parker, but … how can they tell?

I was quite saddened to read of Spelling’s death. I’ve enjoyed many of his shows over the past thirty years. He was an idea man and those ideas appealed to many viewers.

I’ll also say that I liked So NoTorious. I miss it. It was hilarious. Almost real. I have it on my Tivo and am waiting ever so impatiently for new eps. Did it get the axe?