Must be a finalist in the worst Television shows ever

Firstly, before I describe it, I had no hand in selecting the station. The alleged entertainment was on whilst I was preparing dinner.

It features Tori Spelling and some idler I assume is her husband. he seems to do little except curse and look cool. From the bit I saw it centres on their life, their children and their … ummm… life.
How Tori, as she is a mother and is pregnant needs to get away and the paparazzi annoy them and all sorts of annoying things apart from what they actually do that has benefited human kind.

It is drivel. And then there was a very sad funeral. Layabout husband read a eulogy and heaps of guests looked close to tears and at the end they released butterflies. It was for the death of a dog. Some rotten spoiled dog.

I think Hugh Hefner turned up at some stage before I puked.

And people wonder why I don’t have cable.

Fair dinkum- I went and played solitaire.

You had me at “Tori Spelling.”

She had boobs that would do a dugong proud. And a voice that would crack tank armour at five miles.

Absolutely. No way I would slow down for that!

The Tori Spelling dreck might be a finalist, but it’s never going to win the gold medal of shite TV.

I misread that as “a voice that would crack a tumor…” It was quite a disgusting image, yet strangely apropos.

The US also has a strong contender in Homeboys in Outer Space.

Opening credis
Typical episode

Note the cheesy 4 track R&B theme song. James Doohan was a regular cast member, destroying all the Star Trek love he had built up over his career. Daryyl M. Bell was excellent on ** A Different World** and Flex was a pretty funny stand up. This was low point in both their careers. and the title?! “Homeboy” was at least 10 years old when the show debuted in 1996. That shoulda been the first clue to any actor signing on.

I think that new show with Seinfeld (The Ref?) is in the running.

Wow. That was dreadful on every conceivable level. Concept, acting, writing, production values. Even as a satirical SNL sketch, it would have been awful, but it beggars belief that it was actually produced as a pilot without someone coming to their senses.

Tori Spelling must be getting well paid for this dreck. She has to get money from somewhere since she was cut out of her father’s will. She also writes books that sell well… I recall a birthday party for her little plugger of a son, with a monkey theme. Everything monkey - everything. And bananas. I think they had real monkeys there, too. All I could think was, this must be like lifestyle pornography for some poor single moms after a long day at Walmart, drooling with envy over the shennanigans of their ‘betters’. But it’s harmless enough, there are FAR worse ‘reality shows’ - The Girls Next Door, anyone? Pixillated boob shots, enforced merriment and fun situations for droves of ho’s, and the leering, dessicated head of Hugh Hefner peering in at them, like a gargoyle.

I was going to suggest this exact show…and somehow I knew this link would be to it. I wasn’t disappointed. :slight_smile: