AArrgghh! What thread was this?

Please help me locate a thread I read, day before yesterday ish? Sorry, I was all over the board and cannot remember the title.

I am looking for a particular post to a wonderful article on the similarities between McCarthism and Michelle Bachman calling people ‘unpatriotic’.

I was telling someone what a great piece it was, they said they’d love to read it, I attempted to relocate it, and, well, it’s making me crazy now.

(I was certain it was in the Boy Scouts thread, but no. Maybe the Chick Fil A thread? Still can’t find it! I know, the depressing nature of political discourse thread, right? Wrong again!)

So I give up and throw myself at your mercy. I know it’s out there, damned if I can figure out where.

Hint, clues, links - all more than welcome!
Thank you, in advance for your kind assistance!


Thank you so much, I should have just asked sooner, but, like a dog with a bone, I was sure I could find it! Until I was truly lathered with frustration!

The congresswoman with the crazy eyes!:smack:

So obvious now!

Thank you again for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it!